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2012-08-20 Today's Version (8/20/2012) 2
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2012-08-30 Are you using the mobile app to canvass your voters? 3
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2024-07-16 Free, Unlimited Training None
2024-07-08 Flagging People as "Do Not Contact" None
2024-07-03 Fourth of July Holiday Hours None
2024-06-20 Dashboard Metrics None
2024-06-10 Sell Event Tickets None
2024-05-28 Turf Cutting None
2024-05-23 Memorial Day - Office Closed None
2024-05-20 Viewing Canvasser's Location and Progress None
2024-05-10 Add Attributes to your Donation Form None
2024-04-29 Reporting & Data Analysis None
2024-04-19 New Feature Alert: Export to Excel None
2024-04-08 Sending Mass Emails - Design & Tracking Stats None
2024-04-01 Geocoding None
2024-03-28 Office Hours for Easter None
2024-03-20 Thanking Donors None
2024-03-12 New Updates to Trail Blazer IQ None
2024-03-05 Add an Option for Donors to Cover Donation Processing Fees None
2024-02-23 Gmail and Yahoo! now require DMARC - What you need to know now None
2024-02-09 Managing Duplicates None
2023-11-28 Year-End Tax Letters None
2023-11-13 Trail Blazer + Zapier None
2023-11-01 New User Training None
2023-10-24 Find Donors Who Gave Last Year But Not This Year None
2023-10-17 Update to the Latest Version None
2023-10-17 Email Attachments None
2023-10-05 Pivot Summary Reports None
2023-09-28 Flagging People as Do Not Contact None
2023-09-05 Mass Emails None
2023-09-01 Closed for Labor Day - Monday, September 4th None
2023-08-21 Creating Custom Attribute Tags 1
2023-08-07 Assigning an Attribute En Masse 1
2023-07-27 Tip: increasing the text size on log notes 1
2023-07-11 Trail Blazer IQ Dashboards 1
2023-07-05 Mobile Canvassing 1
2023-06-30 Office Closed July 3rd & July 4th 1
2023-06-16 Free Training 1
2023-05-31 Selling Tickets and Products for Fundraising Event 1
2023-05-18 New Knowledge Base Tutorial: Using Stripo to Design Mobile-Friendly Email Templates 1
2023-05-03 Covering the Processing Fees 1
2023-04-18 Create Beautiful Mobile-Friendly Email Templates with Stripo 1
2023-03-23 Refresh Cell Phone Numbers 1
2023-02-28 NCOA Refresh 1
2023-02-23 Mobile App Update - Add a Lawn Sign Directly from a Voter's Record 1
2023-02-10 Tracking Lawn Signs with Mobile Base Camp and Trail Blazer IQ 1
2023-02-07 New Feature: Set your "Default" Log Type 1
2023-01-23 New Email Merge Fields - Contribution Tables 1
2023-01-17 Year-End Tax Statements 1
2023-01-11 Updating the Cycle / Calendar Year 1
2023-01-03 Tracking Email Opens 1
2022-12-19 Office Hours for Christmas and New Year's 1
2022-12-12 Integrated Web Forms 1
2022-11-15 Importing Spreadsheets 1
2022-11-04 Donor Retention Dashboard Widget 1
2022-10-26 New Feature Alert: Filter Houses by Precinct Code 1
2022-10-13 Trail Blazer On-The-Go None
2022-09-29 Advanced Search Query Techniques None
2022-09-20 Find donors who gave last year, but not this year None
2022-09-15 IMPORTANT NOTICE: RDP (Remote Desktop) Maintenance on Saturday (9/17) None
2022-09-06 Find New Donors None
2022-08-30 Political Software Review None
2022-08-23 User Management None
2022-08-10 Tracking the Activity Trail / Session Logs None
2022-07-14 Geocoding Address Data for Mapping None
2022-07-06 Filtered Contribution Reports None
2022-07-01 Office Closed for the 4th of July None
2022-06-16 Tidying Up Your Database None
2022-05-25 Wealth Screening for Donors and Prospects None
2022-05-05 New Feature Alert: Merging by Name and Cell Phone Number None
2022-04-19 Version 7 is Being Retired None
2022-04-18 Orientation Training (Free) None
2022-04-14 Office Closure for Good Friday None
2022-04-13 Updated Help Video - Learn How to Write Contribution Thank You Letters None
2022-03-16 New Help Video -- Learn How to Build Custom Search Queries None
2022-03-03 Building a Default Format None
2022-02-07 Upgrading from Version 7 to Version 8 None
2022-01-13 Year End Tax Season None
2022-01-04 Two Tips: Cycle Updates & Microsoft Word Integration None
2021-12-13 Office Hours for Christmas and New Years None
2021-11-29 Wealth Screening with DonorSearch None
2021-11-19 Office Hours for Thanksgiving None
2021-10-25 Upgrade Trail Blazer Version 8 None
2021-10-20 Pro Tip: Custom Log Types None
2021-10-11 Trail Blazer IQ Dashboards None
2021-09-20 DonorSearch Integration None
2021-09-13 Moving Day - Offices Closed Thursday, September 16th None
2021-09-08 Getting Familiar with Trail Blazer IQ None
2021-09-03 Closed on Labor Day (Monday 9/6) None
2021-08-25 New Mailing Address None
2021-08-16 New Feature Release! Integration with DonorSearch None
2021-07-21 User Management Tips None
2021-07-15 We're Back Online None
2021-07-06 Pivot / Summary Reports None
2021-06-29 Office Closure for July 4th None
2021-06-24 Adding Attributes (Checkboxes) to your Donation Form None
2021-06-10 Pro Tip: Cleaning Up Your Attribute Tree None
2021-06-01 Upcoming Changes: Desktop Release and Trail Blazer IQ Update None
2021-05-28 Memorial Day Weekend - Office Closure None
2021-05-21 Notice of Security Updates to iFrame Forms - Check your Domains None
2021-05-12 The "Art of Merging" None
2021-05-05 Reporting 101 None
2021-04-06 New Video Alert 📣 1
2021-03-26 Adding Attributes (Questions) to your Donation Form 1
2021-03-16 Access you Search Favorites on Trail Blazer Basecamp 1
2021-03-02 New Help Video: Geocoding Address Data for Mapping 1
2021-02-23 New Help Video: Configuring Email Notifications 1
2021-02-10 Today's Tip: What To Do Before Householding 1
2021-01-25 Building & Saving Formats 1
2021-01-19 New Help Video: Set Date Range for Mail Merge Fields 1
2021-01-08 Updating Your Default Cycle / Calendar Year 1
2021-01-04 Kicking Off The New Year 1
2020-12-21 Holiday Hours - Christmas & New Years None
2020-12-17 ⍣ We Would Love Your Review! ⍣ None
2020-12-14 Time to Prepare for Year-End Tax Statements None
2020-12-09 Server UPGRADE this Weekend None
2020-11-30 Updating Your Address Records with an NCOA Refresh None
2020-11-19 Office Closed for Thanksgiving (11/26 & 11/27) None
2020-11-12 Phone System Update None
2020-11-04 October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month None
2020-10-28 Automate your Online Donations with Our Integrated Donation Form None
2020-10-20 Poll Watching Mobile App None
2020-10-09 Geocoding and Mapping Your Address Data None
2020-10-02 The Colorado State Voter Database Has Been Updated None
2020-09-24 Finding New Donors and Lapsed Donors None
2020-09-15 Hot Off The Press: Learn How to Access Trail Blazer on your Mac Computers None
2020-09-10 Take Advantage of Training None
2020-08-17 New Release of Trail Blazer IQ None
2020-08-13 We are having phone system problems None
2020-08-10 Semi-Retirement For Mark 1
2020-06-29 Updates to the Desktop Application (v7.1.7485.17233) None
2020-06-23 Pro Tip: Saved Search Favorites on your Mobile Device None
2020-06-17 New Product Demo Video None
2020-04-13 New Version: Trail Blazer Mobile Basecamp None
2020-03-30 Covid-19 Economic Injury Loan for Nonprofits None
2020-03-20 Here to Support You None
2020-03-16 Accessing Trail Blazer Remotely None
2020-03-10 Entering Pledges on Mobile Basecamp None
2020-02-24 Today's Tip: Using the 'Summary' Function for Reporting None
2020-02-18 Today's Tip: Enabling SCAYT for Spell Checking Emails None
2020-02-04 Cleaning Up Duplicates None
2020-01-27 Trail Blazer v7 Now Available None
2020-01-16 Donor Retention Rates None
2020-01-15 Notice of Server Maintenance Tonight at 11:59 PM CT None
2020-01-13 Happy 18th Birthday Trail Blazer! None
2020-01-10 Notice of Server Maintenance Today at 5:00 PM CT None
2020-01-08 Updating your 2020 Cycle / Calendar Year None
2020-01-06 Unlimited Users None
2019-12-30 Happy New Year None
2019-12-23 Holiday Hours This Week None
2019-12-16 Thank You Auto-Responders None
2019-12-12 Better With Age None
2019-12-02 Year-End Tax Statements None
2019-11-25 Office Hours This Week None
2019-11-12 Logging Interactions in Trail Blazer None
2019-11-07 make sure to thank them None
2019-11-05 Election Day Procedures None
2019-10-30 Who We Are: Trail Blazer None
2019-10-22 Attaching PDF Docs to your Mass Email Campaigns None
2019-10-17 Let Us Know What You Need None
2019-10-14 Adding a Primary Contact Relationship to an Organization None
2019-10-09 Linking Records with Relationships None
2019-10-04 Being Social None
2019-09-30 App Release: Mobile Base Camp iOS Version None
2019-09-26 Email Design 101 None
2019-09-19 Take Advantage of FREE Training! None
2019-09-16 Customize Donation Amounts None
2019-09-11 Maintenance – RDP and Email None
2019-09-09 Android Beta Testers Wanted None
2019-09-04 "De-Duping" your Database None
2019-07-10 Dashboard - Quick Stats at your Fingertips None
2019-06-11 Trail Blazer On-The-Go None
2019-06-05 Planned Outage Saturday 6/8/2019 None
2019-05-30 Signup for Training! None
2018-08-17 FEC Version 8.3 released None
2018-08-02 Organization Primary Contact Feature Now Added None
2018-06-20 Save Email Conversations from any Email Client to Your Trail Blazer Database None
2018-06-14 Hide Attributes and New Short Form When Adding Contact Records None
2018-03-02 Soft Credits! and swap Primary/Secondary email addresses. None
2018-02-13 A bunch of fixes and a couple of new things too None
2018-01-18 We added time logging to today's release None
2018-01-11 Happy 16th Trail Blazer!! None
2017-10-17 Improvements to email testing & Phone app updates None
2017-09-22 Mobile BaseCamp Puts Photos at Your Fingertips None
2017-09-14 Just a few changes you might be interested in... None
2017-07-21 "I'd Like My Data To Go, Please!" None
2017-07-12 We support the option of having your donor share the credit card transaction cost None
2017-05-30 Dashboards None
2017-05-26 FEC Version 8.2 deployed today None
2017-03-20 Attribute Checkboxes as a Single Column None
2017-03-10 Using Vanco to process credit cards? None
2017-01-30 Mac customers using RDP may have lost ability to save documents on Mac desktop from RDP None
2017-01-09 Miss the email over the weekend? None
2017-01-03 It's Time to Update Your Cycles/Elections None
2016-12-07 New from Vanco None
2016-11-21 We broke something None
2016-10-13 Fixes and Tweaks None
2016-10-11 Canvassing Query Enhancement (political) None
2016-09-26 Fixed some niggling items None
2016-08-25 Are you keeping track of who has completed their pledge commitment? None
2016-08-23 We've been make some subtle and not so subtle changes to the application None
2016-07-20 Payee user fields can now be renamed with a right mouse click: None
2016-07-20 Do you use the Gallery to store images or documents? None
2016-07-20 The Include/Exclude button have been replaced with single checkbox None
2016-06-29 Word wrapping can be turned on/off with a single click None
2016-06-27 Word wrapping within the list view has been added today None
2016-06-09 Exciting New Tools to Measure Your Progress None
2016-06-09 Set Attendance setting en masse None
2016-06-08 Role filter added to event summary page None
2016-06-03 Too many log notes! 5
2016-02-12 New Merge Fields Added (Tax Deductible Contribution Table and Pledge Details Table) None
2016-01-05 Are you a nonprofit on a calendar year cycle? It's time to change your default cycle. None
2015-12-30 Donor Retention Dashboard Widget Has Arrived None
2015-12-10 Cash Flow Statement has been added (mostly political customers) None
2015-11-03 UPDATE - Is that Tamally or Tarnally? None
2015-11-02 Event ticket items can now be private (not displayed on the web site) None
2015-10-02 Windows 10 fixes the large font issue None
2015-09-23 Would you like to change your password? None
2015-09-04 Favorites - some of you have saved favorites with no criteria None
2015-08-10 We've added a super search for names 1
2015-06-16 Giving USA: $328.38 billion donated in 2014 None
2015-04-27 Send Thank You Emails using Mass Email 1
2015-04-27 Gateway search, fixes to the new financial system, search for allocation funds has been added to the contribution panels. None
2015-04-23 Want to accept checks on your donation page? None
2015-04-13 Update to Invoices and Payments today None
2015-04-08 FEC fixes were implemented today (yawn) None
2015-04-06 Wondering where this menu item went? None
2015-04-02 DEFAULT FORMATS Yippee!!!! None
2015-03-06 Are you still on the OLD style of our donation page? None
2015-02-25 Log Searches Have Been Enhanced None
2015-02-15 Mobile Base Camp (Canvassing) Has Been Enhanced None
2015-02-05 Federal Election Contribution Limit Raised... None
2015-01-12 Do you take recurring donations online? None
2014-12-30 Would you like a way to EXCLUDE certain contributions from your "real" donations? None
2014-12-29 Pivots on Contributor Type None
2014-12-29 Customers in France will have more flexibility in phone numbers None
2014-12-29 FEC updates today None
2014-11-20 You Can Now Resize Your Images for Email Inside of Trail Blazer None
2014-11-06 The election is over and I've finally gotten back on my feet. None
2014-11-06 (Nonprofits, you can ignore this one) 94% Win Rate! None
2014-10-27 Does this ever happen to you? None
2014-09-27 Our Limited Release Email Editor Has Had Some Updates None
2014-09-26 Got International Addresses? None
2014-09-02 An update to the Email Editor is in Limited Release None
2014-08-15 What's New Today None
2014-07-11 FEC reporting deadline 7/15/14 None
2014-07-10 Comments on Deposits None
2014-07-10 Time Traveling? None
2014-06-19 Doing the Same Thing Over and Over? None
2014-06-10 BTW, the June 9th Post is Related to the June 5th Post None
2014-06-09 Advanced Technique for Querying with Multiple Voter/Donor ID's None
2014-06-05 Use Households? You May Be Interested in This. None
2014-05-30 Entering an Event Order Manually - New Video None
2014-05-27 Version 6.2.5256.xxxxx (released 5/23/14) None
2014-04-22 Importing was fixed today None
2014-04-21 "Undo" fixed and tweak to the Call Book Report None
2014-04-10 Trail Blazer does not use OpenSSL and is NOT vulnerable. 2
2014-04-03 Java Got You Down? None
2014-03-21 Printing problem has been corrected in this version None
2014-03-17 Say Goodbye to Windows XP 2
2014-03-14 Pledges - Thank You Dates - International Address Support 5
2014-02-11 New Menu (just to mess with your heads) 4
2014-02-03 BANK RECONCILIATIONS (for our political customers) 3.2
2014-01-20 More FEC updates today 2.7
2014-01-13 FEC Update 1.5
2014-01-07 It's Time to Update Your Cycles/Elections 2.5
2013-12-30 From all of us at Trail Blazer 3.7
2013-11-18 Spice Up Your Donation Page With Our New iFrame 3
2013-11-15 What have we been doing since October? 1.5
2013-10-22 Whole Bunches of Changes Today 2
2013-10-18 Wow! Better file by tonight if you need to! 1
2013-10-14 We must have had a bunch of loose nuts 2.8
2013-10-03 Correction To Tuesday's Version 2.7
2013-10-01 Got Name Badges? We Do! 2.8
2013-10-01 Canvassing list creation is much faster now. 4.3
2013-10-01 Would you like to see a list of all your Trail Blazer defined relationships? 3.5
2013-09-23 What To Be Looking For in Today's Release 1.5
2013-09-09 FEC updates today 4
2013-08-22 For Our Data Geeks (for the rest of you, I'm sorry) 3.4
2013-08-01 What? Actual articles in the Best Practices folder of our Knowledge Base? 2.6
2013-07-25 Images have moved to the Gallery tab 1
2013-07-17 Are you a nonprofit with a LOT of Allocation Funds? 2.8
2013-07-16 Deleting Saved Queries (Favorites) 2.8
2013-07-01 Reminders Added to Call Book Report 1.5
2013-06-28 Keyboard Shortcut to Toggle Open Windows 1
2013-06-28 Search by Committee ID 2
2013-06-20 Emails Campaigns Open More Quickly 2.8
2013-06-07 Log Notes Print Again In the Call Book 2
2013-06-03 Who INCREASED Their Giving Over Last Year? 2
2013-05-06 New Date Control Can Be Used in your Reporting 2.5
2013-05-06 Do You Import Data? 2
2013-05-03 Check Out the New Date Controls 2.6
2013-04-05 CC and BC added to Individual Emails Today 2.7
2013-03-15 MN SOS Voter List is Updated 3
2013-03-13 What We Just Did Today! 2.2
2013-03-12 We NEVER Stop Working For You - more changes in the last update 2.8
2013-03-11 Microsoft Will Be Retiring Windows XP 2.5
2013-03-07 Tax Deductible Amounts Can Now Be Entered on Each Contribution 3.3
2013-03-06 If You Have Downloaded Our Most Recent Version... 4.5
2013-02-15 Oklahoma Customers: 3
2013-02-04 From the FEC: 5
2013-01-24 Today's Version 2.3
2013-01-09 Event 2013 Has Been Released 2.5
2013-01-03 It's Time to Update Your Cycles/Elections 3.6
2012-12-26 What's New Today? 2
2012-12-20 Event Searches Were Enhanced in Today's Release 3.2
2012-12-20 Is today the end of the world? 3.5
2012-12-19 New Version Today None
2012-11-29 It Can Sometimes Take A While To Change How We Do Things 5
2012-11-15 Do you have a memory like a sieve? 5
2012-11-13 Attributes, User Fields, and Log Notes… Oh My! 5
2012-11-12 How do I enable a person to receive test email drafts? 3
2012-11-08 Political Customers - it's time to change your default cycle 3
2012-11-06 Election day is here -- finally... 5
2012-10-29 Marketing Notions Are Becoming Products 3
2012-10-25 New Look To This Start Page 5
2012-10-25 Today's Release 1
2012-10-18 Care to run Trail Blazer on your iPad or iPhone? 4
2012-10-16 Locked Records None
2012-10-08 Advanced Queries None
2012-09-12 Got Mac? 1
2012-08-31 Holy Moly Rocky.  This Is Powerful! 4
2012-08-21 Importing of Attributes None


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