Are you still on the OLD style of our donation page?

If your donation page looks something like this...



...then you are missing out on the new version:



You will need to add 6 letters to your existing donation page iframe.  

Example.  My old donation page iframe code looks like this:

<iframe id="tbzframe" src="" style="width:500px;height:1200px" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" onload="scroll(0,0)"></iframe>


To utilize the new version you would add the colored text to your existing iframe:

<iframe id="tbzframe" src="" style="width:1050px;height:1600px" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" onload="scroll(0,0)"></iframe>



One benefit if the new style is we can color match to YOUR web page.  In the example below, the block headings have been matched to the page banner color.



If you would like your donation page color matched to your site, first, be sure you are using ?Ver=2 version of the donation iframe, second, email us your donation page URL and we can match the coloring for you.



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