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A Sound Footing for Your Arts Organization

Trail Blazer's Non-Profit Manager software creates the footing upon which your success is built. Creating your database of donors, business sponsors, supporters, volunteers and contacts is just the first step.

From there, your fundraising kicks into high gear. With Trail Blazer, you'll be able to see your donations, pledges, plan for events and, most importantly, ensure sure that everyone in your team is on the same page and working with the same base of information.

Reserved Seating

Patrons can use our forms to reserve and purchase their preferred seats. They can view what is available and buy tickets at various levels (i.e. child, adult, senior, member, etc.).

A one-time per venue setup fee applies at $1 per seat.

Manage Your Team

Since we provide unlimited user licenses for free, every Board member, volunteer and staff person can use the portions of the software that make their jobs easier. Board members can do bird's-eye level planning, event managers can plan with greater insight, and volunteers can pitch in where the help is needed.

No More Excel Headaches

Best of all, once your database has its roots, you won't be wasting time entering in data into multiple Excel spreadsheets that are on multiple computers.

Integration is the Key

Trail Blazer is fully integrated so you won't need five different pieces of software to accomplish your day-to-day tasks. All of the functions of managing your organization are now interconnected, and you only need to update your information in one place.

This means, for instance, that website activity including online donations, event registrations, newsletter signups, and volunteer task signups is automatically entered real time. Say good-bye to entering data manually.

Keep On Track & On Budget

With Trail Blazer, you'll get more done with less people. You won't bust your budget since Trail Blazer starts as low as $99 per month, and you'll have more control over the information you're charged to maintain. Your database will no longer be an anchor around your neck, but more of a springboard for new possibilities for cultivating your donors and reaching new heights.

Data That's Safe and Secure

Best of all, your data's in the cloud, safe and sound -- no more worries about backing up your data or, worse yet, losing it to a hard drive crash.

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