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It was Easy!

"I spent the weekend learning about your mobile canvassing. It was easy to use and set up. I learned everything from the YouTube videos and the Knowledge Base article. I was very pleased. Thanks.”

Create Canvassing Walk Lists

Trail Blazer's political campaign software sends your walk list to a volunteer's smartphone or to paper. Volunteers can track who's been canvassed, update information on the fly, and record hot button issues and voting preferences with ease. Plus, you can even use our canvassing app to place voice-to-text messages directly into the voter file real time. Best of all, there's no additional charge for our app.

Compilation of Mobile Base Camp Screens

Mapping and Turf Cutting

As an option, we can add state-of-the-art mapping to your suite of campaign canvassing tools. Additional fees will apply for geocoding the latitude and longitude of your voter households. You can choose to append geocode data to the rooftop or to the block. Please ask for a quote. Watch on YouTube.

Canvassing Real-time or Off-line

We've designed our canvassing tools to work in areas where cell reception is good or not so good. So, if you're going to canvass where there's spotty reception, just load your list ahead of time and you can upload your work at the end of your route or day.

Download our Phone App

With our Mobile Base Camp app, you can view and update contact records, see giving histories, pledges and update log notes. Plus, filter donor groups by attribute. Click here to download our app from Google Play or click here to download from the Apple Store.

Faster Canvassing Surveys

We've designed the canvassing survey so you can mark off answers for every voter simultaneously. Our "one-pass approach" saves a lot of time. No need to exit from one voter and pull up the next person in the home.

Loved Your Mapping!

"Trail Blazer was the most robust campaign software that I ever had the opportunity to utilize. The addition of the mapping option makes Trail Blazer a MUST for any campaign. The mapping software allowed my campaign to pinpoint canvassing areas and integrate it with the voting history of those that area. Thank you Trail Blazer for listening to our campaign needs.”

Maximum Productivity for Lawn Signs

Automate lawn sign driving directions. Your volunteers can quickly identify the installation locations then export to a mobile device.

Prepare Canvassing in Advance

Visualize locations so you and your volunteers can quickly identify the person you're looking up. Now, before you knock on the door, you'll be able to see the history of previous canvassing efforts and what voter preferences may have been recorded.

Poll Watching

Now, your poll watchers can log whether or not a voter has voted on their smartphone. Data is uploaded in real time using our mobile app. This keeps your GOTV calls on track and calling those who have not voted yet.

Access Voter Data

Get fresh, detailed voter data for your district. Voter data is available for many states. Contact us for details.

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