Powerful Software for Political Campaigns, Parties, and PACs.

Simply Smarter Campaign Management Software

Take charge using our robust platform for targeting, tracking, voter outreach, and messaging. Coordinate your entire campaign, state or local party unit, or PAC or SuperPAC, with technology that wins elections.

Political Campaign Software That Wins Elections

  • Target specific voter groups by vote history
  • Mobile canvassing
  • Mapping and turf cutting (ask for geocode append quote)
  • Access voter data from your phone, tablet
  • Mobile poll watching
  • Phone banking & GOTV
  • Grassroots advocacy
  • Constituent management
  • Generate mailing lists, walk lists, and phone banking lists
  • Group voters according to their potential to support you
  • Easily update voters records and log every voter/donor touch
  • Compile reports on voter data
  • Website integration (i.e. donations, volunteers, events, etc.)

Target Specific Voters

Our powerful tools allow you to plan your tactics and strategy, drive voters to the polls and win your election.

Mapping and Turf Cutting

As an option, we can add state-of-the-art mapping to your suite of campaign tools. Additional fees will apply for geocoding the latitude and longitude of your voter households. You can choose to append geocode data to the rooftop or to the block. Please ask for a quote.

Watch Mapping & Turf Cutting Video

Build Awareness

Build top-of-mind awareness using our built-in mass email tool. Broadcast unlimited emails for free to your organic lists to increase turnout at media events, increase donations, and even rebut last minute attack ads. Personalized political emails can also raise awareness on key political issues keeping your constituents informed.

Track Key Voting Blocks

With our custom attributes feature, you can easily create categories of voters and monitor them.

Campaign Fundraising

Use our events module to sell tickets, take event registrations, sell lawn signs, t-shirts, books, and bumper stickers. Get everything you need to organize your political rally, fundraiser, or online fundraising event.

Download our Phone App

With our Mobile Base Camp app, you can view and update contact records, make calls, see giving histories, pledges and update log notes. Plus, filter donor groups by attribute. Click here to download our app from Google Play or click here to download from the Apple Store. Learn more about Mobile Base Camp.

Text to Give

Get money in fast with Text to Give services from Vanco Payment Solutions. Donors enter their cell number, payment method and a 4-digit PIN. After the initial one-time setup, donors receive both an email and text message containing instructions for sending donations by text.

Affordable at all Levels

Whether you're running for City Council or U.S. Senate, we won't bust your campaign budget.

Mobile Card Readers

Vanco Card Swipe iPhone iPad

Mobile giving with your smartphone is available via Vanco Payment Solutions. Gathering financial support door-to-door or at an event is easier than ever. Read more...

PC and Mac Compatible

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your data from a PC, or on a Mac with a Remote Desktop Connection.

FEC Compliance Reporting

File your FEC compliance reports and state reports (where available). No more worries as FEC deadlines approach. Our integrated system harvests online donor information so your staff doesn't have to backtrack to satisfy the FEC.

Mobile Canvassing

Access voter data on your mobile device using Mobile Base Camp. Canvass neighborhoods and pull up contact information on the go. Even make calls to donors between events. Mobile Base Camp is ideal for field work. Plus, canvassing data can be used immediately by your campaign team.

Watch Mapping & Turf Cutting Video

Organize Volunteers

Maintain order amidst the chaos. Leverage your volunteers. Get more done with less.

Fundraising Tools

With our free mobile-responsive web forms, you'll know who is donating, volunteering, purchasing, subscribing, registering and more.

Access State Voter Records

We provide voter data for many states. This data originates from the State Board of Election or Secretary of State's office. Due to the raw nature of the data, we provide the data As Is, no warranty. Most campaigns choose to clean it prior to use. This clean-up work can be performed by you or Trail Blazer for a fee.

Data refresh is at Trail Blazer's discretion. If your campaign is in Louisiana, we will quote you a price for that data. Click here for pricing on any subsequent refreshes that Trail Blazer performs on your database.

Nonpartisan Software

Level the playing field. Whether you're a Republican, a Democrat, or from a third party our software is available. Gain access to the most sophisticated techniques used today. Best of all, you own your voter data. Your data is private. It's not shared with any other campaigns.

Store Documents

Centralize and manage your campaign documents. Store up to 10 gigabytes of photos or documents in our gallery for free.

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