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Powerful Software for Political Campaigns, PACs and Super PACs


Simply Smarter Campaign Management Software

With Trail Blazer's campaign software, you'll have precise control over your campaign tactics and strategy.

Access from Your Phone

Easy access to your database using our Mobile BaseCamp appClick here to watch a short highlight video.  Update and add new records, add log notes, see donations, set attributes, make calls, get driving directions, and more. Click here to get the app for your iPhone or click here for our Android app.

Technology That Wins Elections

Every campaign tool you'll need to succeed is integrated into one easy-to-use platform. From targeting and tracking to voter outreach and messaging, we've got you covered.

Trail Blazer's political campaign management software tools coordinate your entire political campaign or political action committee (PAC) or Super PAC.

Our political campaign software tools track contributions and pledges, manage your volunteer's grassroots efforts, coordinate poll watching via smartphone, handle political campaign finances, coordinate GOTV and polling, generate walk lists and call lists, broadcast mass email, identify and target voters, increase political fundraising donations and file FEC compliance reports.

Voter Data Available

Voter data is available in the following states:  AK, AR, CO, DC, FL, ID, MI, MN, MO, NC, NY, NJ, OH, OK, RI, VT, WA.  This data originates from the State Board of Election or Secretary of State's office.  Due to the nature of the data, we provide the data As Is, no warranty. Most campaigns choose to clean it prior to use.  Additional data clean-up work can be performed by your team or you may ask for a quote from Trail Blazer's data team.

Data refresh is at Trail Blazer's discretion. If your campaign is in Louisiana, we will quote you a price for that data. Click here for pricing on any subsequent refreshes that Trail Blazer performs on your database.

Target Specific Voters

Run your political campaign with easy-to-use targeting tools. With our political software, enjoy using a single database and keep your political campaign organized.  No more rifling through Excel spreadsheets.  Our powerful tools allow you to plan your tactics and strategy, drive voters to the polls and win your election.

Political Campaign Software That Wins Elections

• Target specific voter groups by voting history in seconds
• Search for voters quickly
• Mobile Canvassing using Mobile Base Camp
• Mobile Poll Watching
• Phone Banking
• Grassroots advocacy
• Constituent management
• Generate mailing lists, walk lists or phone banking lists
• Group voters according to their potential to support you
• Easily update voters records and log every voter touch
• Compile reports on voter data
• Website integration* with sign up, contribution pages, events & more

Build Awareness with Mass Email

Our political software allows you to build awareness with unlimited emails. Broadcast email can increase supporter turnout at media events, increase donations and even rebut last minute attack ads.  Personalized political emails can also raise awareness on key political issues keeping your constituents informed. 

Best of all, you'll save money by elminating the need to use email marketing services such as Constant Contact.

Track Key Voting Blocks Easily

Not every voter management software package is easy to use, but with Trail Blazer, tracking your key voting blocks within your voter file is fast and easy.  With our custom attributes feature, you can create categories of voters and easily monitor them.

Plus, we allow you to append up to 1500 data points like ethnicity, income, affiliations, occupation, etc. Just ask for pricing on the data you're looking for.

Political Campaign Fundraising

We give you all the online campaign fundraising tools you need.  When it comes to fundraising event planning, we give you an entire events module that includes free mobile-responsive web tools to sell tickets, take event registrations, sell political signs, t-shirts, books and bumper stickers. Everything you need to organize your political rally, fundraiser or online fundraising event is included.

Text to Give -- Accept Donations by Text

Give by text offers donors a quick and easy way to get donations in the door. Unlike other give-by-text services, donors can send any amount, not just a set dollar amount, and money is deposited into your organization's bank account. Give by text is an optional feature from Vanco Services. Donors simply enter their cell phone number, payment method and a 4-digit PIN. After the initial one-time setup, donors receive both an email and text message containing instructions for sending donations by text.

Affordable Campaign Software

No matter how large or small your campaign, we're affordable. Whether you're running for City Council or U.S. Senate, we won't bust your campaign budget.

Trail Blazer Campaign Services is a Member of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC)


"We won our congressional race on Election Day!  We beat a 12-year incumbent in NY! We used the mobile canvassing app during GOTV and it worked wonders in terms of tracking our ID voters throughout the day.”

Erin McTiernan
Political Director for Lee Zeldin for Congress, NY

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Use Your Mobile Card Reader to Gather Donations

Mobile giving with your smartphone is now available from Vanco Services. Gathering financial support door-to-door or at an event is easier than ever.  Read more about it...

Vanco Card Swipe iPhone iPad

Works on a Mac, iPad or PC

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your data from a Mac (yes this includes your iPad) or a traditional PC.

FEC Compliance Reporting That's Hassle Free

File your FEC compliance reports and state reports (where available)with our simple step-by-step process.  No more worries as FEC deadlines approach.

Bring your filing up to the next level with Trail Blazer's easy-to-use  software.  As part of our political software package, you'll get our integrated, mobile-responsive web forms that harvest mandatory donor information at the time of the donation so your staff doesn't have to backtrack to satisfy the FEC.

Mobile Base Camp - Great for Canvassing & More

Now, access your voter file from your mobile device (i.e.  iPad, Android, iPhone & more).  Canvass neighborhoods, view donation totals, pull up contact information, view log notes -- all on the go.

You can even make calls to donors while you're travelling between speaking engagements.  Mobile Base Camp is ideal for field work.  No more paper walklists and your canvassing data can be used real time by others in the campaign.  It's like having your database in your pocket.

Organize and Leverage Your Volunteer's Efforts

Maintain order amidst the chaos. With our campaign management software, you'll be able to leverage any team of volunteers. We help you get more done with less.

Fundraising Tools and Web Integration

With our free mobile-responsive web tools, you'll see who's donating, volunteering, purchasing, subscribing, registering and more.

Nonpartisan Political Campaign Software

Whether you're a Republican, a Democrat or from a third party, our political software is available to you.  This means you'll get to use the latest sophisticated techniques used by all parties.

Store Documents in Trail Blazer's Document Gallery

Centralize and manage your important documents easily. Trail Blazer's Document Gallery keeps track of important documents right inside the voter record, organization record or in the main system wide gallery for everyone to use. Store letters, campaign documents, logos, etc. Keep any file type right at your fingertips(i.e. Word files, PDFs, and more). Save up to 1 gigabyte's worth of documents for FREE. Above that it's only $10 per gigabyte per month.

No PhD Required

Finally, it's easy to learn. Contact us today before your opponent does.

Have questions? Call us. Sales: 1-800-446-1375 or Support: 1-866-909-8700
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