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Trail Blazer provides these additional services outside of your subscription agreement

(Effective 6/1/2012)

Description Price

Imports  - assisted by Trail Blazer after your initial import during database setup.
Single File* - Assumes the data requires minimal cleanup prior to importing.

* Single File -
     A CSV file or,
     an Excel file containg ONE tab or
     an Access database containing ONE table.

$200 + $100/100,000 records
(minimum $300)

 Same day expedite fee (when available and when possible).

Voter Update (refresh) from voter election authority (SOS, VBE, etc.) $400 + $100/100,000 records
(minimum $500)

Document Gallery Storage 1 GB included for free
each add'l GB is $10/GB/month

Venue Floorplan Setup Fee for Reserved Seating $1 per seat
One-time setup fee per venue

NCOA (48 month)/CASS/Phone Append - completed all together $150 +
NCOA $2.25 /1000 +
CASS $1.25/1000  +
Phone Append $9.50/1000
($300 minimum)

NCOA - 48 month - does NOT include CASS Certification $150 + $2.25 /1000
$200 minimum

CASS Certification $150 + $1.25/1000
($200 minimum)

Phone Append $150 + $9.50/1000
($250 minimum)
   Cell Phone Append  $150 + $20/1000
($650 minimum)

Data Consulting all requests for data enhancements, modifications, or additions to your data in your database fall into this category.  This excludes imports referenced above.

Database Rename $225.00

User Setup beyond those initially setup during creation of database $65/user

FEC Assistance beyond normal support on Trail Blazer Campaign Manager.  This includes reconciliation of Cycle-To-Date values when converting from other FEC reporting systems mid cycle, assistance with FEC Requests For Additional Information (RFAI's), assistance with reporting for any period prior to becoming a Trail Blazer customer, assistance with bank reconcilations beyond the normal training of how to do a bank reconciliation in Trail Blazer. $150/hour

$300 prepayment

Money Bomb Ticker Setup $500.00

Merge Two Databases Starts at $5,000.00

Personal License (50,000 records or less, max 2 users.  Available only to prior full price customers).  $250.00/year

Re-activation of an Expired Data Base
Once your subscription expires, we purge your data from our system. The timing of this purge is at our discretion.  It's sometimes possible to re-activate your expired database.

Don't see what you are looking for?  Contact us at the number below.

All fees are payable in advance of the service being provided.

Have questions? Call us. Sales: 1-800-446-1375 or Support: 1-866-909-8700
Trail Blazer Campaign Services Inc • 620 Mendelssohn Avenue North, #186 • Golden Valley, MN 55427-4350