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Created: February 08, 2013
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Adding Log Notes, Mass Log Notes & Reminders


This article will teach you how to create a Single Log Note, Mass Log Notes and a Reminder.  Reminders are intended as a means to add a follow-up task to your log entries i.e. John Doe needs to follow up with Mary Sue on a pledge she has not fulfilled.

Steps to Add a Log Note Entry and a Reminder

Under the Application Menu follow Voters/Donors > Voter/Donor.

Build and run a query to target the record you want to add a log note and reminder to.  In this example I searched from the voters search window and added the log note and reminder to “Steven Adams”, searching by last and first name.

Click on any of the underlined fields to open the record card.

From within the record card tap on the Logs tab and the Log sub-tab.  At this point you can view if the record currenlty has any log notes.  In this example Steven Adams does not have any log note as displayed in the image below.

Click the [New] button from the center tool strip to begin entering a new log note.

On the right side of your screen enter the new log note information.  In this example I will log the amount of hours that Steven Adams spend performing data imports, and I will set a reminder that he still needs to finish 6 more hours before the project is complete.

Log Type – the type of note that you are adding i.e. hours, meeting or note.

Log Date – date that you are adding a new log note.

Amt or Hrs – amount or hours that you want to associate with the note.  The log type will determine if the value entered is an amount or an hours value.

Add/Open Reminder – Click to add a reminder (must be SAVED before you can add a reminder).

After you finish entering the log, click [Save] (if you want to add a reminder - the button will now be active) or click [Save and Close] to finish and close the record.  In this example I clicked [Save] and then I tapped Add/Open Reminder.

Click the [Add/Open Reminder] button to enter a reminder for the note.

Fill out the appropriate reminder information in the reminder note window.  In this example I will create a reminder for Steven Adams to finish 6 hours of import time.  I also select some of the different preferences in this window.