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Created: February 04, 2013
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Delete an Invoice/Payment

If an invoice has not yet been paid (as indicated by the checkbox in the Invoice Paid column, you may just highlight the invoice and click the [Delete] button.

If the invoice has already been paid, you can still delete it.  It just takes a few more steps.

[Read this if you would like to know a little more about the way the invoice and payment process works.  This has the largest impact upon our political customers.]

The point at which your campaign incurs an expense, that expense is considered a debt according the rules of the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

As such, it must be entered into our system even though you may not pay that invoice for 20 or 30 or more days.  For election reporting purposes, that expense (invoice) must be reported even though you may not have received an actual invoice from the vendor.

When you are ready to pay the invoice, you return to the payee card, select the invoice and click the [Payment] button.

Delete an invoice that has already been paid

For this you must first delete the payment, then delete the invoice.  We will continue with our 25 Kino Film & Video vendor.

1.  Be sure to select the payment first by highlighting it.

2.  Click the [Payments] button to open the payment screen for the HIGHLIGHTED  invoice.

3.  Click the [Void/Delete] button for each payment that has been made on this invoice.

4.  Click [Yes] to confirm delete.

5. Click the [Save and Close].  (You will need to exit the Invoices and re-open the payee card - ya, I know, it's requires more steps than it feels like it ought to. Sorry about that.)

6. Re-open the Payee card

7.  The invoice will now show no payments and you may  HIGHLIGHT it and click the [Delete] button.

8.  Confirm the delete and then [Save and Close].

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