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Created: February 08, 2013
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Adding Log Types


When you create a new log note, you are given a list of log note types:



Wouldn't it be nice to have additional log note types to further classify your log notes?  By following the steps below, you can add more log note types.

1) From the System Manager / Setup item in the Application menu you can create your own log types.  In addition you can decide if any particular log type is in-active.

Log Type Setup Picture

2) To Add new log types click the New button:

Add Log Type - Picture 1

3) Enter the new log type and then click the Save or Save and Close buttons.

 Add Log Type Picture 2


  •  The private option is for future use and has no functionality at this time.
  • Setting the Log Type to Inactive will cause the log type to no longer be displayed in the drop down menu:


Be sure no one is currently attached to any log type you render as Inactive.  To check, perform a Log Search.  In the Application Menu, open the Logs folder and click Search Log Entries.  This is shown in the image below.


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