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Created: February 28, 2017
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How to Delete an Attribute Folder and Attribute Items (Custom Categories)

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2017-02-28


This article will teach you how to delete Attribute Items, and an Attribute Folder from the attribute tree.  It also shows how to remove people from an attribute prior to deleting it (this step is only required if people are connected to the attribute). Attributes are one of the most useful and heavily used features in your database, this article shows how to create new attributes and some of the different uses that they have.


Navigate to the Contacts (Donors/Voters) list.

First you’ll want to run a search to verify nobody is attached to the attribute prior to deleting it. *if there are, you’ll need to remove their assignment.


Navigate to the Attribute tab and unplug the Exclude sub-tab in-case anyone is assigned but also is hidden with a NOT Attribute.


After unplugging the Exclude sub-tab, navigate to the Include sub-tab and run your search query by the attribute you want to delete.  In my example it was called Test Attribute Category No1., and there were 15 people attached.


Follow Edit > Set > Set Attributes…


Select the radio button for Remove selected attribute assignments from contacts, expand the tree and check the box for the attribute(s) you need to un-assign, and click [OK].


Click [OK] to proceed if you’re 100% sure.


Click [OK] once the process has finished.


Click [Search] to refresh the query and verify there are zero contacts assigned to the attribute(s) you need to delete.  My example is below.


Now you can proceed with the deletion of the attribute folder, and attribute item(s).

Click the Attribute tab and click the Magnifying Button on the on the far right of the screen to open the attribute tree in a larger window to work in.

[+] Expand the Attribute Folder where the Attribute Item(s) are nested that you want delete. In this example I deleted the Attribute Items under a test folder called ‘Temporary for Testing (Delete Later)’.

Right-click on the Attribute Item you want to delete and select delete. In this example I deleted both of the attribute items in my folder, starting with the one called ‘Test Attribute Category No2’.

After you select Delete you will be prompted with a warning, click [OK] to proceed.

After deleting the entire list of Attribute Items within the Folder you can right-click on the Attribute Folder to delete it. In this example I deleted the Attribute Folder called “Temporary for Testing (Delete Later)”.

You will be prompted with a warning, click [OK] to confirm deletion of the Attribute Folder.

If a mistake is made during this you have the ability to rollback the changes.

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