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Created: July 30, 2019
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How to Add and Remove Allocation Funds to your Online Donation Form, and to the Drop-Down Menus in your Database

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2019-07-30


This article walks through the steps to create new restricted allocation funds, and how to both add/remove them to your online donation iFrame form as well as the drop-down menus in your Trail Blazer database. Funds show where the money is going, ‘events’ show where the money is coming from.

Steps – Adding/Removing Allocation Funds in your Database, and Making them Display on your Online Donation Form and in the Drop-Downs within the Database

Note: This task requires system administrative access.

To view your current list of allocation funds navigate to the ‘Funds’ list by following Application Menu > System Manger > Lists > Funds.

This will auto-populate with all the funds you currently have in your database and display which one’s are Active (Show in Drop-Downs) & which ones are currently Showing on your Donation FormIn my example I had 21 funds.

Click the green [+ New] button on the search tool strip to begin creating a new fund.

Create a name, check the corresponding boxes if you want the fund to show on your online donation form and/or in the drop-down menus in your database, and click [Save]In my example I called ‘2016 Disaster Relief Fund’ and I checked both boxes to make it show online as well as in the drop-downs in the database.

Click [Search] to refresh your list which will display your new fund.  Click on the ‘Fund ID’ column twice to sort in descending order to quickly show the most recent fund at the top.

To get the fund to display on your online donation form, navigate to website configuration and click the blue link in the top-right to refresh your website settings.

If you selected to have the fund show in the drop-down lists in our database by checking the ‘Active’ box, you’ll want to refresh the drop-down lists by clicking the link under ‘System Manager’:

Click [OK] to proceed.  This could take quite a while if you haven’t ran this utility for a while or if you have a large database.

You’ll get a load status screen showing the progress of the unique table refresh.

Click [OK] once the refresh is complete.

That completes the steps, you can view your funds on your online donation form at (  My example is below.

Within the database you’ll be able to view the funds in your drop-down menus that were flagged as ‘Active’.  My example is below showing the contribution input screen.

Tip: You can make your funds show in two different ways online (either in a drop-down like my example above) or as input boxes where a donor can split their donation towards multiple funds.  If you want the donor to be able to split the donation between multiple funds simply ‘uncheck’ the box called ‘Include Restricted Funds (Allocations) Dropdown Style’ in Website Configuration and then click the link to refresh your website settings.

Img 1 of 2 – Change your Donation Form to Allow Donors to Split their Donation into Multiple Funds

Img 2 of 2 – How the Form looks Online after making this Change

Take a look at the related resources below for links to many other articles and videos related to funds and configuring your online donation form, and please call our live support line if you need any assistance with this particular task or anything else.

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