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Created: November 01, 2017
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How to Access Trail Blazer Remotely on an iDevice (iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone) using the Free Microsoft Remote Desktop App

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Author: Joel kristenson

Last Updated: 2016-09-21


This article is for people who want to access their Trail Blazer database off of an iDevice such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.  Trail Blazer is intended for desktop use, especially when performing more advanced tasks, but this option will still allow you to view the entire application so that you can pull reports, perform data entry, etc. Purchase a stylus for your iDevice so that you don’t muck it up with fingerprints, and it will greatly improve the accuracy of ‘taps’ when using Trail Blazer in this way.


Launch the App Store app on your device.

Search for ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ on in the search box, and select it from the results.

Tap on the [+ Get] button.

Tap on [Install App] to initiate the download process.

If you’re already logged in with your Apple ID the download will start right away, if you aren’t logged in you’ll either need to select the option to sign into your Apple ID, or create a new one.

In my example signed in with an existing Apple ID.

Once the download/install is complete, launch the application.

Below is a screenshot of the home screen on the Remote Desktop app.  Tap on the [+] button in the upper-right to begin creating a new connection.

This will bring you to the Add Connection screen.  Select Add PC or Server from the list.

Select the option for PC Name – Host name or IP address.

Enter the Host name or IP address, which is ‘’, and then tap on [Done].

Click on the User Name option.

In the User Names screen tap on the option for Add User Account.

Input your UN (same as your Database Name) & PW (this is shared between all members of your org who connect this way, once logged in you’ll use your own credentials), then hit [Save].

Once this is saved you can enter a Friendly Name, in my example I called mine “Trail Blazer Remote Desktop”.

Last but not least you’ll need to navigate to the Settings screen.

Configure your settings.  For the most part you can just use the defaults.  My example is below.

Once the connection is complete it’ll look similar to the image below.  Tap on your new connection to begin the log in process.

The first time you connect you’ll get a warning message regarding the server certificate.  If you prefer not to see this message each time, flip the switch on at the bottom that says ‘Don’t ask me again for the connection to this computer’ and then tap on [Accept].

Img 1 – Server Not Verified

Img 2 – Turn Setting to ‘On’ and Tap [Accept]

You’ll get a load screen as the log in proceeds.

Below is a screenshot of what the remote desktop looks like when first logging in.  Tap on the Trail Blazer icon to launch the application.

Enter your UN, PW, and click [OK] to log in.  You can use the keyboard controls that will pop-up after tapping on a field as shown in the image below.

Below is an example of a zoomed-in view on my iPod touch looking at the Application Menu.  As you can see the program renders very small on smaller screens, but you can still navigate the full application with some practice.

When you’re finished working you should close down the program, and log off of the remote connection (shown in a series of screenshots below).

Img 1 – Click the red [x] in the upper-right of the program.

Img 2 – Click [OK] to close.

Navigate to the lower-left of the remote desktop, tap on the Windows Start Button, and log off.

If you have any troubles getting this configured on your device please call or email our live support.  Take a look at the related resources below for links to a variety of similar topics.

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