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Created: April 30, 2015
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How to Print Mail-Merge Address Labels

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2015-04-30


This article walks through the steps to generate labels for a list of contacts.  Currently we require that you use Avery 5160 mailing labels.  If you use something else you may opt to generate the list in your database, and then export it to run the merge via Microsoft Excel.



Navigate to the list you want to print labels from.  In my example I used my Contacts (Donor/Voter) list, but you can also run this process from the Contributions list, and the Thank You Letter list.

Run your search query for the list of contacts you want to print labels for.  In my example I queried for everyone who’s given over $10,000 at one time, which provided a record count of 16.

You can whittle down the list further by unchecking contacts in the Incl column if you don’t want to print labels for them:

Once you’re finished constructing the list of recipients, click the [Reports] button in the bottom-right.

From the next screen you currently have four options for printing labels:

- Labels (Use Avery 5160)

- Labels (Use Avery 5160)/Nick Name Option

- Labels Name built by list-Combined House or by last name and address (Use Avery 5160)

- Labels Household and Envelope Name (Use Avery 5160)

I chose to use the first option:

This is going to generate a print preview of your labels.  You’ll quickly be able to tell if certain recipients are missing info such as Name and/or Address.

Below is a screenshot of my finished labels, with some details on the different tasks you can perform from this screen such as adjusting margins:

When everything is how you need it, click [Print].

This will open another screen where you can further adjust printer settings, and select which printer to use.  When everything is ready click [Print]. If you're printing a very large list, you can set a range of just a few pages, and then run a test print before wasting a lot of paper.

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