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Created: April 10, 2015
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How to Deposit a Contribution

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2015-04-10


This article mainly pertains to our political customers who use the financial components to manage invoices, payments, deposits, reconcile bank accounts, etc.

Below are step-by-step instructions to record a deposit of contributions.  It assumes you’ve already created the contribution record(s) or they’ve been coming in through your online donation form.


Navigate to the Deposits list by following Application Menu > Financial > Banking > Deposits

Click [+ New].

This will open a new deposit slip and populate all contribution records that have not yet been deposited.

In my example I had 206 (if you’ve never done this before, or it’s been awhile, it could take a few minutes to load if you have a high volume of donation records waiting to be deposited).

Check the boxes for the contribution records that you are including in the deposit.

In my example I ran a search query using the search utility on the right to only include recent contributions from this year (2015) after that I select the 5 contribution records I wanted to include in the deposit.

When you’re done selecting the contributions to include, check the box in the upper-left for *Deposited*, select the date the money went to the bank, and choose the bank account it went too.  Save-and-Close when you’re finished.

Once you’re back in the Deposits list, click [Search] to refresh the list, which by default will display the most recent deposit at the top.  Below is an example of what mine looked like.

This completes the deposit process, as a note, if you have Loans, Receipts, Expenditure Refunds, or Transfer Ins you can also include them in the deposit slip by navigating through the different tabs.  (Screenshot below).

Tip:  If you have unused deposit records, you can sort your Deposits list in descending order by those that haven’t been used, and re-use an old one (since you can’t delete the record once it’s been created as of the time this kb was put together).  Image below with details regarding this tip.

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