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Created: May 27, 2014
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Events 2014 - Part I

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 5/23/2014

Events 2013 Published: 12/20/2012


This article is a revision to Events 2013 with updated screenshots and steps.  Some features have been added/enhanced/retired.  This KB walks step by step on how to create an event in Trail Blazer, post it online and link to it from your website and social outlets.  It also digs into the management of sale orders, event attendees, and how it looks as someone goes through the registration process from start to finish.

*In my example I created an event called “Blazing Trails – The King's Trail”.  This included a single ticket and product.  The processes will be similar for the different types of events you can create (i.e. membership renewals, galas, pledge drives, capital campaigns, appeals etc.)  It may be easier to follow along by viewing this KB as a PDF and printing it out – or call our support staff and we’d be happy to walk through setting up an event with you 1-866-909-8700.

NOTE: The event module is multi-faceted with a lot of options.  This KB is split into a Part I & Part II for easier readability with links to many other related resources.


#1 Creating an Event and Posting it Online

#2 Configure Event – Web Customization

#3 Linking to your Event

#4 Online Event Registration Process

#5 Related Resources Use Ctrl+F to jump to different sections using keywords like #1, #2, Related Resources

#1 Creating an Event and Posting it Online

*Assumes you have required security access.

Navigate to the Events list by following Application Menu > Calendar/Tasks >Events

Events List

From the Events list you can:

· Query by Event Name/Date Ranges/Events that are Published to Web and More

· View Attendee Counts, Pledges and Contributions (contributions refers to product/ticket sales or donations)

· Open Past Event Records and Make Modifications

· Create New Events

Click [Search] to load your entire list of events and view details within the grid.

Events List - Grid View

Click [+ New] from the search tool strip.

Add New Event

The options you have from within the Event record are:

· Create an Event Name (Gala, Capital Campaign, Membership Dues, and Appeals etc.)

· Write a Description (optionally you can add HTML/Inline CSS for images, fonts and other styling)

· Enable Assignment of Contributions and Expenses (displays event as an option in drop-downs when searching by or adding contributions)

· Publish Event to the Web (hosted at

· Set the Start/End Time

· Set the Registration Close Time (optional)

· Create/Edit/Delete Sale Orders

Image 1 of 4 | Blank Event Record

Blank Event Record

Image 2 of 4 | My Example Completed Event Record

Image 2 of 4 - Sample Event Record

Images 3 of 4 | How My example Looks Online

Images 4 of 4 | How My example Looks Online

Blazing Trail's - The King's Trail - Online Event Img 2

In my example I put inline CSS/HTML into the description box in order to add images, change fonts, add line breaks etc.

Here’s the sample code I used (Notice that the img src always links to my Trail Blazer web services Application Menu: – This KB shows you how to prep and upload images to your Application Menu. CSS and HTML for the Event Description is displayed in BOLD Blue below.


<h5><strong>(Tickets are limited to 10 people)</strong></h5><br />

<h5>Abisko Mountain Station to the Saami Village of Nikkaluokta.</h5><br />

Bring:<br />

- Sleeping Bag<br />

- Tent<br />

- Food<br />

- Clothing<br />

- Toiletry Items<br />

- Rain Gear<br />

- Passport<br />

- ID Card<br />

- Fishing Gear<br /><br />

We'll supply the rest.<br /><br />

<italic>*We must receive your paperwork 2 weeks prior to departure</italic>



body {


text: white;


#event-top-banner  h1{

color: white;

font-size: 22px;


#event-top-banner h2{

color: white;

font-size: 20px;


#event-top-banner {

color: white;





Next you can click the Setup tab to continue customizing your event and to create merchandise (Products/Tickets).

Event Record - Setup Tab

Here you have the options to:

· Publish Address (Venue) Information

· Publish Contact Details

· Create Products and Tickets (set capacity / max order quantity)

· Generate Promo Codes (possible promo code errors)

· Configure Web Customization (variety of other settings – covered in section #2)

· Set Internal Fundraising/Spending Estimates

First I entered and published the address for the event under Setup > Address.

Image 1 of 3 | Blank Address (Venue)

Event Record - Setup Tab - Address Sub-Tab

Image 2 of 3 | My Example Address (Venue)

Event Record - Sample Address

Image 3 of 3 | How my Example Looks Online

Google Map - Event Address

Next you can publish your Contact info under Setup > Contact.

Image 1 of 3 | Blank Contact Tab

Event Record - Setup Tab - Contact Sub-Tab

Image 2 of 3 | My Example Contact Tab

Event Record - Example Setup Tab - Contact Sub-Tab

Image 3 of 3 | How My Example Looks Online

Sample Online - Event Contact Details

Next I created some Products and Tickets under the Setup tab Products sub-tab.

Event Record - Setup Tab - Products - Tickets

IMPORTANT!  In order to sell products or tickets via Trail Blazer you must have an account with one of the merchant gateways we’ve integrated with.

Click Here to view them all with details about each – once you’ve got a merchant account our support staff can assist you to plug in the appropriate information and activate it for your Trail Blazer database.

In my example I created 1 ticket ($2,500 Single – 7 Day Guided Hike) and 1 product ($65.00 Trail Blazer Hooded Sweatshirt).

To create a ticket or select from an existing global ticket follow Setup > Products > Tickets and click [+ New].

Add New Ticket

Within the Create New Event Ticket Type screen you can:

· Enter a Ticket Description

· Set the Sequence Number (order tickets will display online and in the database)

· Set the Capacity (once sold out it will display as sold out online – at that point you could create a free ticket for your waiting list)

· Set Max Order Quantity

· Enter the Price (may be set to $0.00)

· Set a Flag if the Ticket’s Considered Shipped when Ordered (ticket holders will get an email ticket automatically but you may choose to ship out a physical ticket or hand them out at the door)

Image 1 of 3 | Blank Ticket

Blank Ticket

Image 2 of 3 | My Example Completed Ticket

Sample Ticket

Image 3 of 3 | How My Example Ticket Looks Online

Online Ticket

Next you can follow a similar process to create Merchandise.

Follow Setup > Products > Merchandise and click [+ New].

Create New Merchandise

From within the Create New Event Merchandise Item screen you can:

· Select from Existing Products or Create an Event Specific Product

· Enter a Product Description

· Set the Sequence (order products display online)

· Set a Capacity *Required

· Enter the Max Order Quantity *Required

· Enter the Price (may be $0.00)

· Set a Flag if the Product is Considered Shipped when Ordered or Not

Image 1 of 3 | Blank Merchandise Item

Blank Product Screen

Image 2 of 3 | My Example Merchandise Item

Sample Product

Image 3 of 3 | How My Example Looks Online

Sample Product Online

You now have the ability to generate promo codes and offer your event attendees either a set Discount Amount or Discount Percent which they can redeem during the checkout process. Promo Codes not only make your attendees feel like they’re getting a great deal, but it’s also great for tracking analytics.

For instance if you create separate promo codes for posting on Facebook, Twitter, your Website etc. you’ll be able to see where your traffic is originating.

Navigate to Setup > Promos and click [+ New].

Create New Promo Code

Within the Create New Event Promotion screen you can:

· Give the Promo Code a Name

· Provide a Description

· Enter the Start/End Dates the Promo Will Remain Active

· Enter a Discount Amount or Discount Percentage

· Activate/Deactivate Promo Code

Image 1 of 3 | Blank Promo Code

Blank Promo Code

Image 2 of 3 | Example Promo Code

Sample Promo Code

Image 3 of 3 | How My Example Looks Online During Registration

Online Promo Code

#2 Configure Event – Web Customization

Next we’ll go through the other Web Customization options you have.

Follow Setup > Web Customization.

Setup - Web Customization

From here you have the ability to:

· Enter a Post Signup Redirect Page (link people can click and follow after registering for an event)

· Post an Attribute Folder with Items that You’ve Created

· Add Optional Buyer Form Fields (Employer, Job Title, Comments)

· Add Optional Attendee Form Fields (Employer, Job Title, Address)

· Make Optional Attendee Fields *Required

· Disable Date/Time Display

· Disable Attendee Auto Responder Email

· Enter a Custom Message (Instructions) that Will Go Out Attached to the Auto-Responder Email Receipt

· Configure Alternate Ticket/Product/Comment Labels

Image 1 of 2 | Blank Web Customization Screen

Blank Setup - Web Customization

Image 2 of 2 | My Example Web Customization Screen

Example Setup - Web Customization

You have the option to enter internal financial estimates.

Follow Setup > Financial.

Setup - Financial

From here you can:

· Set a Fundraising Goal

· Set Estimated Contributions

· Set Estimated Costs

The last tab under setup is the Legacy Settings tab which you can disregard.

These were settings that were configurable in the last event system and are no longer supported – eventually these components will be removed or replaced completely.

Setup Tab - Legacy Sub-Tab

You now have the option to store images, documents, and spreadsheets etc. inside the event Gallery.

Navigate to the Gallery tab and click the [Import File] button (If it’s a file you want to reuse or have used previously you could instead click on the [Import System Gallery] button).

Gallery - Import File

Locate the file on your local machine, click on it and click [Open]In my example it was a picture of the ticket we will be shipping out for the event.

Import Ticket to Event Gallery

After you upload the file(s) you can view details within the grid.

Gallery Details

Your event should now be complete.  You can always open the event back up and make changes which will take effect online as soon as you resave.

You can view and link to your event directory from your web services Application Menu (covered extensively in section #3): https://www.trailblzinfo/YourDatabaseName/eventdirectory.aspx

#3 Linking to your Events Calendar and to a Specific Event

A couple of examples for linking to your event would be a Twitter post, Facebook post, a button on your website, and a hyperlink within a mass email campaign.

In my example I chose to link to the location of the event on Trail Blazer’s domain vs. inserting an iFrame into an existing website.

This article & this video will teach you how to use our iFrame Wizard if you would rather insert the event calendar itself into your website.

Link to a Specific Event:

Link to your Event Directory:

Sample Button on Website to Events Calendar

Event Calendar Button

Code to make this happen:

<!DOCTYPE html>


<body style="background-color:#E6E6FF">

<div style="width: %100; background:white; border:1px solid black; ">
<a href="">
<button type="button" style="background-color:green;color:white;height:50px;width:175px;box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #888888;margin-left:25px;margin-right:25px;margin-top:15px; margin-bottom: 15px;cursor:pointer;float:left" alt="Newsletter" title="Newsletter">


<a href="">
<button type="button" style="background-color:blue;color:white;height:50px;width:175px;box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #888888;margin-left:25px;margin-right:25px;margin-top:15px; margin-bottom: 15px;cursor:pointer;float:left" alt="Event Calendar" title="Event Calendar">

Event Calendar

<a href="">
<button type="button" style="background-color:yellow;height:50px;width:175px;box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #888888;margin-left:25px;margin-right:25px;margin-top:15px;margin-bottom:15px;cursor:pointer;float:left" alt="Volunteer" title="Volunteer">


<a href="">
<button type="button" style="background-color:purple;color:white;height:50px;width:175px;box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #888888;margin-left:25px;margin-right:25px;margin-top:15px; margin-bottom: 15px;cursor:pointer" alt="Donate" title="Donate">



Sample Button on Website to Specific Event

Website Button Linking to an Event

Code to make this happen:



                <a href="">

                                <button type="button" style="background-color:black;height:100px;width:250px;color:white;font-size:18px;font-family:calibri;" alt="Event Calendar" title="Blazing Trails – The King's Trail" ><span style="font-size:30px;color:orange;"><u>The King's Trail</u></span><br />10 Spots Available<br /> Click Here to Register!</button>




Note:  There are of course many other ways to link to your event(s), one reason I would suggest linking to the location on Trail Blazer’s domain is that the page is secured with an SSL certificate and displays it in the URL.  If your website is not secured with an SSL cert and you choose to implant the even(s) as an iFrame, your registrants may be reluctant to fill out their credit card info.

#4 Online Event Registration Process

This section will go through the full registration process as an event attendee.  It details how this looks online and how receipts/auto-responder emails look to an event registrant.

Navigate to your event calendar and click on the name of event you want to register for.

In my example I signed up for the event I created in section #1 called “Blazing Trails – The King's Trail”.

Events Calendar

Select the Ticket(s) and/or Product(s) you want to purchase and click [Register].  I selected a single ticket and 1 sweatshirt.

Order and Register

The next screen will give you an Order Summary.  If a promo code was available this would be the area to redeem it.

In my example I redeemed the promo code created in section #1.

Order Summary Promo Reedemed

Fill out your Buyer Information and the Ticket Holder info (may be identical).

IMPORTANT: If you’re purchasing tickets for more than one person you will need to enter their email address if you want them to receive the auto-responder email with ticket information.

Image 1 of 3

Buyer Information

Image 2 of 3

Sample Ticket Holder Information

Image 3 of 3

Sample Billing Information

Click [Complete Registration] to finish.

The next screen will display your Receipt.  If you entered a redirect page during the event creation it will display that link at the top of the receipt.

The images below show my example.

Image 1 of 2

Online Order Summary Reciept

Image 2 of 2

As the purchaser you will receive an auto email responder with this same ReceiptThe image below is an example of how that email looks.

You will also get an auto responder of the ticket(s).  If you included a description it will display on this ticket.

Email Auto-Responder Ticket

You’re now very knowledgeable on how the event setup and how the registration process works.

Events 2014 Part II covers the process of managing product/ticket sales and event attendees once the data has been collected into your database.

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Click Here to view our calendar for upcoming classes and events.  After signing up you will receive instructions for how to log into the interactive online webinar.

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