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Created: June 05, 2017
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Deceased, Do Not Contact, Etc. - How to Use the NOT Attribute and Query for Records Tagged with It

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2016-12-15


This article will show you how to tag a contact (donor/voter) record with a Not attribute, and how to find records that have the Not attribute assigned to them.

This mechanism comes with every Trail Blazer database and provides a way to “hide” contacts from your regular search results and reports.  Some examples of this include:

- The person has passed away

- They no longer want to be contacted

- They haven’t provided a donation in a long time but you still want to retain their data

- The record contains sensitive information that you may not want the average database users to view in their normal search queries, this is not as secure as filtering the records from their search queries


#1 Assigning a Not Attribute to a Record (Deceased, Do Not Contact, Etc.)

#2 Searching for Records that *Have the Not* Attribute

#3 Related Resources

#1 – Assigning a Record with a Not Attribute (Deceased, Do Not Contact, Etc.)

Navigate to the Contacts (Voters/Donors) list.

Run a search query for the contact you want assign with a NOT attribute.

Navigate to the Attributes tab and expand the Not folder.

Check the box for the Not attribute item you wish to assign.  If you don’t see an option that’s relevant you’ll need to add a new attribute item under the Not folder.  In my example I marked the person as deceased and recorded a brief note.

Click [Save and Close] to finish.

If you search for the contact again they won’t display as they are now hidden/archived with a Not attribute.  My example is below where I searched for the person by their last name.

The next section walks through the steps to find contacts who are ‘hidden’ with a Not attribute.

#2 – Searching for Records that *Have the NOT* Attribute

Navigate to the Contacts (Voters/Donors) list.

Click on the Attributes tab and the Exclude sub-tab.

Expand the Advanced Functions Tool Strip by clicking on the blue button to the lower-left of the Exclude sub-tab.  Once it’s expanded, disconnect it by ‘unplugging’ the tab.

Once the Exclude tab is unplugged, navigate to the Include sub-tab, expand the Not folder, check the boxes you want to search by and click [Search]My example is below where I searched for all records tagged with the Do Not Contact and Deceased attributes.

If you open one of the contact records in your list you can verify which Not attribute(s) they have.

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