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Created: October 21, 2016
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How to Set an Attribute for All Members of a Household En Masse

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2014-11-19


Not too long ago the ability to set attributes for all members of a household was added to Trail Blazer.

(Click here for the blog regarding all updates to the product).

There are many different uses for this feature this article walks through the steps for one possible scenario using the political/PAC database.

This example talks about using this feature as if you’re running a campaign in a deeply seeded republican or democratic state you may infer that all members of a household will vote a particular way, but you may have only canvassed or polled one member of the household.

You can run a search query for all voters who lean a particular direction, and tag all the other members of their household with the same attribute.  For faith-based nonprofits such as a church, temple etc.  One other implementation of this tool would be to set a member attribute for all family members when you know that one of the family members is already part of the congregation.


Open the Households list.

Households list

Click on the Voter (Any) tab and plug it in to activate the tab in the search query.

Voter any tap - plug it in

Navigate to the Attribute tab and click on the Magnifying glass to expand the attribute tree into a larger window.

Voter any tab - magnify screen

Expand the folder that has the answer to your GOTV questions, in my example I had an attribute folder called “Candidate Support”.

Click candidate support attribute

Click the red [x] in the upper right to close the expanded attribute tree.

Close expanded window for attribute screen

Click [Search] in the upper-left to execute the search query.

Click search button to execute query

After pulling up your list of voters who support/don’t support your candidate, click Edit > Set Household Member Attributes

Edit set attributes

Select the topmost radio button in the upper left called “Assign selected attributes to all household members” and click [OK].

Assign selected attributes to list

You’ll be prompted with a security warning, click [OK] if you’re ready to proceed.

Image popup warning before proceeding

This will assign the attribute you select from the attribute tree to all members of the household in your current list.

Households processed message

At this point you’re finished.  The next common steps would be to navigate to your Voters lists, and pull up a list for ALL voters who are in favor of your candidate.

Voters attribute - search

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