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Created: July 20, 2016
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Save and Load a Search Query as a (Dynamic) Search Favorite

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2016-07-20


This article walks through the steps to save a search query as a favorite for future use.  The query will be dynamic in nature, so if the data changes in your database, the record counts for the query will change respectively (ex: if you save a LYBUNT the count will drop as people who gave last year, give again this year).  It’s very useful to save queries as favorites, especially if the query is complex, or if it’s a query you run often.  This will save time and help with operator error mistakes when rebuilding a search.  In most cases you can also add this favorite to your Dashboard to quickly view the report without needing to reload it.


Create and run your query from whatever list you need to run it from i.e. Contacts (Voters/Donors), Contributions, Households, etc.  In my example I used the Contacts (Voters/Donors list.

You can see which tabs are active in the search because they will display a blue lightning bolt.  In my example I ran my search for all donors who gave both last year and this year which produced 8 results.

Expand the top-most Advanced Functions tool strip (directly below the [Search] button), and then click on the blue floppy disk button to begin saving the search as a favorite.

Give the query a very descriptive name, and click [Save]You can also make the query private and/or protected if need be, as well as view further details on the saved queries i.e. create date, and who created it.  My example is below for the favorite I created showing indv donors who gave both last year and this year.

That completes the steps to save a search favorite.  Queries will *only* be stored in the list they were created in.

To load a search favorite you’ll need to return the list where the search was built (in this case it was the contacts ‘donors/voters’ list), navigate to the Favorites tab, check the box next to the saved favorite you need to load, and click [Search].

The related resources below link to a wide variety of articles and videos that are related to this topic.  If you ever need a hand building queries, or anything else for that matter, please reach out to our live support team.

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