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Created: April 03, 2017
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How to Print Envelopes

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2017-04-03


This article walks through the steps to print envelopes through Trail Blazer.  Typically envelopes are printed for three different types of entities:

- Individuals

- Households

- Companies (Organizations)

The steps are the same, but the merge fields you use will vary depending on who you’re addressing.  Once you go through this process you’ll want to save the different template types for each type of envelope you create so that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time. Read this article to learn how to print address labels through your database.


Navigate to the Contacts (Voters/Donors) list.

Build and run your search query for the list of contacts you want to print envelopes for.  In my example I searched for everyone who attended a golf event which produced 161 individuals.

Select File > Communications > Write Letter

Select your print option for whom to address the envelope to (individual or household) and click [OK]In my example I selected the individual option.

The editor will open.  Click File in the upper-left and Insert Template…

Select the Envelope #10 template (that comes with your database) and click [OK].

The default template will look like the image below where you’ll need to swap out the from address and the merge fields depending on what type of entity you’re addressing (individual or household).

After changing the from address you can highlight the text you need to swap out (if necessary),  click the [Insert Merge Field] drop-down in the top-right, and select the correct ones for the type of envelope you’re printing.  In my example I addressed individuals so I needed to swap out the household merge field with first and last name.

Below is my example of the <<FirstName>> and <<LastName>> merge fields inserted for addressing individuals.  Next you’ll need to click on the [Page Settings] button in the top-left of the editor to select the envelope paper size, adjust margins (if necessary), and to flip the orientation from portrait to landscape.

Select your paper size (in my example I used COM-9 3.875x8.75inc – this will be a type of envelope paper that your printer supports), select the ‘landscape’ orientation, adjust the margins (if necessary), and click [OK]My example print settings are below.

To test your settings click [Print] in the bottom-right, set a page range to run a test print for, and then click [Print Preview].

Below is my example first test print.  If your test looks good you can go ahead and begin printing envelopes.  In my case the merge fields aren’t quite aligned correctly so if you need to make further chances click [Cancel] to return back to the edit screen.

Below is my example of edits after the first test print.  You can use the indent left/right button to move items left or right, delete or add lines, and then run your test print again.

In my second example the envelop looks good and is ready to print.  Continue making your iterations until everything looks correctly.

Click [Print] in the upper left and run your print.

Once you’re finished click [Cancel] in the bottom-right to return back to editor.

To save the template for future use click File in the upper-left > Save As Template…

Give it a name and click [Save]My example is below where I named it Envelope #10 – Individuals.  This template will be available to other users of your database, stored in the ‘cloud’.

Click [OK] to finish.

You an insert the template again in the future by clicking File > Insert Template…

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