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Created: March 02, 2012
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Donation Money Bomb Ticker

Would you like to create a Money Bomb Ticker? Below is sample code to get you started using Trail Blazer donation ticker.

We support three versions source data. Xml, Json and Jsonp (callback). To access these sources you will need to create a web service on your website to call one of the described methods.

Note: Before using any of these services you must 'replace' the red database name with yours.




Below is a sample output of a Jsonp callback. Note, you can dynamically change the callback value to your method name.
loadticker ({ 
"event_id": "2", 
"total_amount": "406380.00", 
"total_amount_goal": "1000000.00", 
"recent_donors": [ 
{ "first_name": "Super", "last_name": "Man", "address": "Maple Grove, MN" },
{ "first_name": "Clark", "last_name": "Kent", "address": "Cleveland, OH" },
{ "first_name": "Greg", "last_name": "Scott", "address": "Minneapolis, MN" }
 ]  }); 

Below is an example of a JavaScript ticker consuming the Jsonp source above.

View example, click here  

Once you have completed setting up your ticker, you have a choice of optional and required items to configure within Trail Blazer.
  • For any given event you can track its progress by a creating a unique donation ticker. To create unique ticker you must provide a predefined eventid from within Trail Blazer. This eventid is the appended to the url parameters, as given in the example above. Example: &eventid=2
From the [Application Menu] click [System Manager], [Settings], [WebSite Configuration]. From the tab page click [Donations], click below [Page Setup].
  • Turn on the required option for donors to Opt-In for their name to be displayed within the ticker results, check "Show Donation Ticker".
  • "Ticker Size", this optional item is to limit the records within the ticker results, our default is 10.
  • "Ticker Start Date", this optional item allows you to specify starting date for database to only get contributions from the given date going forward. This can be used to track a global fundraising effort over a fiscal years time, but not to include previous years in your donation ticker totals.
      Note: If you have assigned an eventid to the url this item is ignored.

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