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Created: December 21, 2011
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Expenditure Reimbursement Schedule A itemization

If you have a person in the campaign purchase items and intend to reimburse them later, but the reimbursement happens after a FEC period end you are required to report the expenditures as Memo'd Contributions if they met certain criteria.

With Trail Blazer you do not need to do anything special with these.  Enter them like you would any reimbursement expenditure.  

You should take care to have the invoice date be the date of the first reimbursed items purchase date (ie the oldest item purchased).

Campaign volunteer purchases paper on June 2nd totaling $201.00.
On June 30th he/she purchases postage stamps totaling $264.00.
He/She is reimbursed on July 1 for $465.00.

In most cases we have crossed reporting periods and need to itemize the two purchases paid.  

The invoice date entered in Trail Blazer would be June 2nd and the invoice amount would be for $465.00.  Enter the expenditures with the correct dates (the dates purchased) into Trail Blazer.

You can review the video titled Expenses - Reimburse Employee For Multiple Items at 

NOTE:The video only shows reimbursements that are paid the same day as expenditures.

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