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Created: August 26, 2011
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HTTPS Suggested Text to Include on Donation Page


Trail Blazer's donation page is a secure site.  However because it's an iframe (web page within a web page), your web page will not display the HTTPS url nor will it display the padlock symbol.


We suggest you add the following text (or similar) to your donation page:



For the security conscious - You may notice this page does not display the padlock or https in the address bar.  However, the portion of the page above that captures your name and credit card information is connected by secure server to our database provider (Trail Blazer).  Their server IS securing your credit card transaction.  Depending on your browser, you can verify this by right mouse clicking on the white space inside the gray borders near your name and address.  From the menu select Properties.  This will display the URL:  and a button that allows you to display Trail Blazer's secure certificate information.


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