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Created: February 04, 2013
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Forced Itemization of Contributions


This article will teach you how to force itemize contributions that are under the $200.00 threshold so that they show up on your FEC report.  Described are two different methods to do this in the Trail Blazer system.

Steps to Manually Itemize Contributions for you FEC Report

Navigate to the contribution search window by following Application Menu > Voter > Contribution/Pledges > Contributions

Select the election from the election drop-down that you want to set itemized contributions for, also set the amount threshold from (minimum – 200) because all contributions over 200 will automatically be included on the FEC report. Click the [Search] button to populate your list.  In this example I selected the Primary 2014 election, set the amount threshold from (minimum to 200) and I had a record count of 44.

NOTE:  Instead of searching by the amount and election you could also click the voter tab from the contribution search window and search the record by first and last name.

After you load the list of contributions records that you want to itemize for your FEC report you will need to format in a new column called “ForcedItemization”.  Start by clicking the [Format] button on the list/grid tool strip.

Scroll down the list of column checkboxes on the right side and check the box next to ForcedItemization and then navigate to the Format tab to make this column updatable.

From the Format tab scroll down and check the Updatable box next to the ForcedItemization row, this will allow you to perform updates to this column back on the grid.  Click [OK] when you are finished.