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How to Delete an Attribute Folder and Attribute Items (Custom Categories)
Overview of the Different Reports you can Print from the File Drop-Down Menu (or the [Reports] Button) in the Voters-Donors List
Rollback - Undo Function - Also, Tips on Viewing the Activity for Changes to a Specific Field (Requires Admin Access)
How to Display the 'System Generated' Log Notes that are Now 'Suppressed' by Default - 2016 System Enhancement
How to Download & Install Trail Blazer on a PC, and How to Uninstall-Reinstall the Application if it Doesn't Launch Correctly after a Recent Deployment
How to Remove an Attribute Item from a List of Contacts En Masse
How to Create Attribute Folders and Attribute Items (Custom Categories)
How to Merge Attributes
Polling - How to Setup and Run a Poll - Inside your Trail Blazer Database
About Code 39 Barcodes (Code 3 of 9 barcodes)
Copying Attributes From One Database To Another
Export Outlook Contacts

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