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Batch Entry of Donations - (Nonprofit Only)
How to Refund a Donor for a Credit Card Donation (from Vanco or Authorize.Net) and Record the Refund in Trail Blazer (Nonprofit Manager Version)
How to Add and Remove Allocation Funds to the Donation Form Drop-Down Inside the Trail Blazer Database
How to Create a New Payee for Invoicing and Payments (Primarily for Political Campaigns)
How to Create an Invoice for a Payee (Primarily for Political Customers)
How to Enter a Payment for an Invoice (Primarily for Political Campaigns)
How to Print Checks through Trail Blazer for Recorded Payments
Creating an Online Shopping Cart to Sell Products through your Website (Previously Called 'Marketing Notions')
Entering Credit Card Memo Details for a Credit Card Invoice that was Paid - Political Only (Required for Federal FEC Reports)
Matching Contributions - Setup Companies Orgs as a Matching Donor, View Unfulfilled Matching Gifts & Record the Matching Gifts as they Come In
Tax Deductible Contributions - How to Record the Tax-Deductible Amount and How to Mass Update a List of Contributions with a Tax-Deductible Percentage
Recording Gifts (Contributions) from a Joint Fundraising Committee (JFC) as a Transfer In - Political Only
Rolling Donor Retention Rate Calculation Explained
Tracking Grants in Trail Blazer - Requested, Denied, Approved, and How to Build a Pivot Summary Report Off the Data
Recording Non-Monetary (In-Kind) Contributions and Creating New Non-Monetary Types
How to Record a Contribution Refund - Primarily for Political Customers
Delete a Contribution
How to Un-deposit a Contribution (Primarily for Political Customers)
How to Delete Payments, and an Invoice (also covered: how to record a refund, and a deduction)
How to Enter an Invoice and Payment with the New Payment System, and How to Add a Refund and Deduction
How to Deposit a Contribution
Fund Allocation and Summary Report
Contribution Year-End Report
How To Enter an Expenditure Refund
Enter Contributions
Delete an Invoice/Payment
MN ST3 Exempt form
Do I have to Create an Invoice Before I Create a Payment?

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