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Customizing Default Database Labels & List Names
How to Add an Election to Your Trail Blazer Database (Political Only)
How to Use the New Dashboard Features - Adding Graphs and Metrics with Drag-and-Drop
Adding a DKIM Key to your domain's Txt Record & Validating your SPF/DKIM Configuration for Outbound Email Blasts --- Greatly Improve Your Email Open Rates! (*requires access to your web host)
Change your Default Cycle or Fiscal Year for Donations - Nonprofit Only
How to Remove an 'Event' from the Drop-Down List when Entering Donations
How to Add the Security Disclaimer Section to your Online Donation Form, and How to Style the Text Inside with html & CSS
Change Your ‘Current’ Election Cycle, Create New Election Cycles, and How to Mass Update a List of Contributions to a Specific Election – (For Political Customers)
How to Rename User Fields, Query by them, Add them to the Grid as Columns, and Utilizing them as Merge Fields in a Letter & E-Mail Template
How to Add and Remove Allocation Funds to your Online Donation Form, and to the Drop-Down Menus in your Database
How to Configure Recurring Donation Options for your Trail Blazer Donation Form (must be using either Vanco Services or Authorize.Net as your Merchant Gateway)
How to Change your Current, Previous, and Next Cycle or Fiscal Year, and How to Mass Update Donations to a Specific Cycle or Fiscal Year En Masse - Nonprofit Only
How to Enable Double Opt-in for All of your Trail Blazer Online iFrame Forms
Log Notes vs User Fields vs Attributes
Configure 2X Client RDP Connection on your iPad (or any mobile device)
Configure Website - Legacy Article
Trail Blazer on PC vs Trail Blazer on Any Other Device
Multiple Remote Desktop Connections on a Macintosh
Adding Log Types
Adding Log Notes, Mass Log Notes & Reminders
Add a Shared Database
Multiple Database Login
How to Check and Update Your Microsoft .Net Framework
Setting the Time Zone in your Trail Blazer Database
Contribution, Expenses, and Credit Card Payments memo itemization
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