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Reporting Services - How Does it Work?
Add the Option for Donors and Event Attendees to Cover the Merchant Gateway Transaction Fee
How to Upload Documents to your System Gallery such as PDF’s, Spreadsheets, Audio Clips, Image Files, Etc.
How to Create a Pledge, Apply Payments (Donations) to Open Pledges, and Run Reports for Outstanding Pledges
Printable Call Book Report for Outbound Fundraising or Prospecting Calls
How to Create a Year-by-Year Giving History Report using Filtered Contribution Columns in the Grid - Primarily for Nonprofits
Memorial and Honorarium Gifts - Add the Option to your Online Donation Form, and How to Run Searches and Build Reports on these Type of Gifts in the Database
Creating and Saving Default Formats for Reporting with the Grid
How to Track Volunteer Hours in Trail Blazer, and How to Build a Pivot Report that Summarizes Volunteer's Hours
How to Mass Update a List of Contacts with an Attribute Item
How to Print Mail-Merge Address Labels
Add Attributes, Attribute Dates, and Attribute Notes to the Grid by Formatting them in as Columns
How to use this Knowledge Base
How to Upgrade your .Net Version
Install .Net 3.5 SP 1

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