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Created: October 17, 2016
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Creating your Own Custom Relationship Types - 2016 Upgrade

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2016-10-17


There are two ways you can create your own relationship types; either from within a contact’s record card, or from the Relationships list.  This article walks through both.

This feature was built in 2016 after an organization had needs for many more types than our system defaults provided—it used to require each new type was manually created by a support tech. Learn more about the relationship management feature by reading this help article.  It covers things such like searching with relationships, for instance, pulling a list of a business and all of its employees.

Steps – From Within A Contact Record Card

1) Search for any contact in your database and open their record.

2) Navigate to the Relation tab and click [+ New].

3) Search for and select the contact you want to add a relationship for or click [+ New] if they aren’t in your database yet.

4) To add your own relationship type click the little green [+] button.

5) Select the Gender from both Contact 1 and Contact 2 (it can be either if you want).  Create a description for the relationship and click [Save]My example is below where I created a relationship for assistant and boss.

6) The new option will now display in the drop-down for all database users.

Steps – From The Relationships List

1) Navigate to the Relationships list under the Application MenuIn my example I also sorted from high to low on the ID column to see the most recent ones at the top.

2) Click the [+ New] button on the Search tool strip.

3) Create the new relationship type and click [Save]My example is below.

4) Click [Search] to refresh the data in the grid.  In my example I now have 113 relationship types.

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