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Created: November 01, 2017
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How to Add a New 'Event' to the Drop-Down List for Entering Contributions

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2017-05-08


This article walks through the steps to add new ‘Events’ into the drop-down lists in your database such as the drop-down list that displays when entering contributions.

In Trail Blazer the event system is used to track the source of a donation whether it’s a physical fundraiser, direct mail, pledge drive, capital campaign, etc.  In this example I create an event to track a mass mail appeal which is common to track how much money came in because of the mailing.  Events are used to track the source of a donation.  Allocation (restricted) funds are used to track where the money is going i.e. General Fund, Scholarship Fund, etc.  Example of a populated event drop-down list:


Navigate to the Events list by following Application Menu > Calendar/Tasks > Events.

If you don’t see this list in your Application Menu it means you haven’t been granted that security clearance.

Click the Green [+ New] button on the Search Tool Strip.

Create a name, check the box to ‘Enable assignment of contributions and expenses’, and then click [Save and Close]My example is below, I also added in an optional date range, and description.

The next time you enter a contribution record your new ‘event’ will display in the drop-down.  My example is below.

The option will also display when running search queries:

To remove the event from drop-downs once you’re finished assigning contributions to it you can simply open the event record back up, and un-check the box to ‘Enable assignment of contributions and expenses’.  Example below.

This can be useful if you have a LOT of events and don’t want to spend as much time scrolling through the list of past events.

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