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Created: May 10, 2018
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Polling - How to Setup and Run a Poll - Inside your Trail Blazer Database


This article will teach you how to use the polling feature.  This article assumes you have administrative clearance for your database.


#1 Setup a DB User with a Polling Profile

#2 Setup a Poll

#3 Set a Poll for a Targeted List of Voters

#4 Perform a Poll

#5 Related Resources

HINT:  Use the Ctrl+F hot key to jump to different sections using keywords like #1, #2, Related Resources

#1 Create a Database User with a Polling Profile

NOTE:  In this example I create a new user with only Polling Access for my DB vs. a user who has clearance to other features i.e. Windows Based Access, Web-based Profile Access, Financial, Communications, and Events Etc.

Follow Application Menu > Voters

Click [+ New] on the search tool strip to begin creating a new record card or query for the person’s record in your database and open it.  In this example I chose to create a new record.

Give the user a name and click [Save]In this example I call my new polling volunteer Bob Smith.

Navigate to the Admin tab and the Logon sub-tab.

Check Allow Polling Access and provide the volunteer with a User ID and Password.  You will also want to assign the voter a poll, if you haven’t created one yet we will talk about it in the next section and you can come back and assign it to the user later.

In this example I gave the user an ID of bsmith and an easy to remember secure password utilizing symbols, numbers and upper/lowercase characters.  Click Here to use a free Strong Password Generator.  I assigned Bob a poll called Support Issues – General 2014 which I show how to create in section #2 of this article.

The user is now setup with Polling Access.  To query for a list of users with Polling Access you can open a new voter list, click the Admin tab, check Allow Polling Access and search.

#2 Setup a New Poll

Under the Application Menu follow Polling > Polls