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Keyword Name: Vanco EFT Transaction Activity Report
Created: January 22, 2019
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Vanco - EFT Transaction Activity Report

The EFT Transaction Activity Report is a “pushed” report you can receive every day from Vanco when new transaction are finalized or recurring donations are added from within your Vanco account. In return Trail Blazer will send you a report as to how we handled this push/update from Vanco, this report is called the "EFT Transaction Activity Report".

Due to the possibility of administrators of Trail Blazer deleting donations or the donor themselves between each push, the daily update Vanco sends Trail Blazer could be out of sync or missing. The two lines you should pay attention to are the Missing (transaction not found in the database) and Errors. If either one occurs we recommend to manually reconcile this report between Vanco and Trail Blazer to discover the difference to resolve the issue.  Skipped transactions appear on this report if Trail Blazer already has information about a transaction and we've already processed it previously; and as a result, we skip processing it again.

To Enable or Disable the receiving  of this message you will need to un/check the checkbox  "Notify on Donation" under the [Web Services] security settings page of the log on user account.

UPDATE: 4/12/14
We now support automatic back filling of missing donors and their donations. Please note the Missing / Resolved line below. When you see either one of these have a positive number you should be looking for the equal number under the resolved field. Seeing this equal number tells you that we have automatically inserted a new donor and or donations for you. We've also included our automatic record merging service after to help eliminate duplicates within your database.

=== Trail Blazer Report Summary ===========================
Number of Transactions Added  : 1
Number of Transactions Updated: 0
Number of Transactions Missing: 1 / Resolved 1
Number of Transactions Skipped: 1
Number of Transactions Errors : 0
Total Number of Transactions  : 3


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