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Created: September 04, 2014
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Salutation Types




This article presents how to manage the lists of suffixes and prefixes inside of Trail Blazer.  Both lists are managed through the Voter (or Donor or Contact) Salutation Types window.  This is available via the System Manager folder.  From there, expand the Lists folder.  The picture below shows how to find this window.





The Salutation Types Window


When you open the Salutation Types window the following is what you see.





Notice that Trail Blazer has prepopulated quite a few prefixes (titles) and suffixes for you.  Some are enabled and some are not.  For an item to show up in the list of prefixes or suffixes inside the voter/donor details window, it needs to be enabled.


To change something or delete a salutation in the list, click on the description of that line.  If you want to create a new item click the New button on the top of the window.  Either action will open a window like the one below.  This is where you do your data entry.





Salutation Types Data Entry Window


The window pictured above has several parts to it.  They are described in the following image.





Note that disabling or deleting a prefix or suffix will not remove it from existing voters/donors.  Also note that users can enter different prefixes or suffixes for a voter/donor that is not in the list.





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