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Created: June 11, 2013
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Events 2013 | Coupon promo code error messages

When using coupon codes. The buyer could receive one of the following response message back when click the [Apply] coupon button.

"Coupon Invalid" - The coupon they entered may or may not exist within Trail Blazer depending on if the [Active] checkbox is checked. In both conditions the coupon is not available to use.

"Coupon Inactive" - The coupon was found, but the [Start Date] is in the future.

"Coupon Expired" - The coupon was found, but Today's Date is greater than the [End Date] configured when the coupon was setup.

"Coupon Ok" - The coupon was found and can be applied to the order. Note: The buyer will never see this code, rather the discount amount or percentage added to the order then displayed for them to see.

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