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Created: November 20, 2015
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How to Merge Attributes

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2015-11-20


This article will teach you how to merge attributes.  This article was written using the campaign version of the software, but the steps are practically identical whether you’re a PAC, Campaign, or Nonprofit organization. You can merge attributes in a voter/donor record card or from the Attribute tab in any list where it’s available.  If you are familiar with drag n’ drop voter/donor merging, then you already know how to merge attributes and you need read no further, you can just repeat those steps within the attribute tree.

Follow Application Menu > Voter > Voters

Click on the Attribute tab.

You can merge attribute folders or attribute itemsIn this example I merged 2 attribute items.

Expand the folder where the attribute items are located.  I chose a folder called “Volunteer” that had two very similar attributes related to making phone calls.

Click on the Attribute Item you want to merge so that the entire row is highlighted in blueIn this example I merged the attributes “Making fund raising calls” with “Making Phone Calls”.

Now click and hold on that row for a second and drag and drop it onto the attribute item you want to merge it with.  A small rectangle will appear when you drag-and-drop.

Trail Blazer will prompt you with a warning about the merge process and give you details of what will occur (if you happen to make a mistake during this process you can rollback that transaction).  Check the box that states you understand the process and click [OK] to finish with the merge.

Trail Blazer will run the process and prompt you with the results when complete.  Click [OK] to finish, and view the attribute tree with the new changes.  My examples are below.

The related resources below link to a variety of other articles/videos related to attribute creation, deletion, mass updates, using the NOT attribute, etc.

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