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Created: July 08, 2013
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Vanco Response Codes and Error Code Messages

NOTE:  Credit card processing errors are stored in the log note of record cards.

Vanco Services: Error Codes and Messages

158 Specified Client is Invalid
159 Customer ID Required
160 Customer ID is Already in Use
161 Customer Name Required
162 Invalid Date Format (Start Date)
162 "Invalid Date Format (End Date)
*Note that the same code is used as for Start Date, the description just changes."
163 Transaction Type is required
164 Transaction Type is invalid
165 Fund required
166 Customer Required
167 Payment Method Not Found
168 Amount Required
169 Payment Cannot be Greater than $5 
170 Start Date Required
171 Invalid Start Date
172 End Date earlier than Start Date
173 Cannot Prenote a Credit Card
174 Cannot Prenote processed account
175 Transaction pending for Prenote account
176 Invalid Account Type
177 Account Number Required
178 Invalid Routing Number
179 Client doesn't accept Credit Card Transactions
180 Client is in test mode for Credit Cards
181 Client is cancelled for Credit Cards
182 Name on Credit Card is Required
183 Invalid Expiration Date
184 Complete Billing Address is Required
196 Recurring Telephone Entry Transaction NOT Allowed
198 Invalid State
201 Frequency Required
202 Account Cannot Be Deleted, Active Transaction Exists
203 Client Does Not Accept ACH Transactions
204 Duplicate Transaction
210 Recurring Credits NOT Allowed
224 Credit Card Credits NOT Allowed - Must Be Refunded
231 Customer Not Found For Client
232 Invalid Account Number
233 Invalid Country Code
234 Transactions Are Not Allow From <COUNTRYCODE>
286 Client not set up for International Credit Card Processing
344 Phone Number Must be 10 Digits Long
378 Invalid Loginkey
379 Invalid RequestType
380 Invalid SessionID
381 Invalid ClientID for Session
383 Internal Handler Error, Contact Vanco
393 IP Address Blocked
395 Transactions cannot be processed on Weekends
410 Credits Cannot Be WEB or TEL
415 "End date falls on a weekend and will not process.  
To process this transaction, change the end date to the next business day."
416 Customer Cannot Be Edited By This User
416 Payment Method Cannot Be Edited By This User
429 Transaction Cannot Be Edited By This User
434 "Credit Card Processor Error. 
An error was returned by the Credit Card Company. 
Description will include message returned from Credit Card Company."
478 Credit Card is Not Accepted
489 Customer ID Exceeds 15 Characters
495 "(field name) Field Contains Invalid Characters
*Note: This error description will change depending on what field the invalid character(s) was/were in."
496 "(field name) Field Contains Too Many Characters
*Note: This error description will change depending on what field’s content length was too long."
500 "Too Many Results, Please Narrow Search
*Note: This error code will only be sent back for services that use search parameters"
501 Report Not Found
556 "Invalid Banking Information
*Note: This error code will be sent back if the bank account being used had a Notification of Change previously received."
569 Unable to process at this time


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