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Created: March 29, 2021
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Linking your Anedot Account with Trail Blazer - Collect Donations with Anedot's Form into your Database

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2021-03-29


This article walks through the steps to connect your Trail Blazer and Anedot account.  This allows you to automatically collect donation data through your Anedot donation form into your database. learn how to send mail-merge thank you letters to donors that need to be thanked.


1. Activate an Anedot account:

2. Log into your Trail Blazer IQ workspace:

Note: contact your database admin or Trail Blazer tech support if you don’t have your workspace name.  You can also launch Trail Blazer IQ from within the desktop application from the “Voter” or “Donors” list:

3. Log into your Anedot account:

4. Click on the Fundraising Account that you want to connect (or apply for one if you haven’t already).  In this example I selected our Trail Blazer Campaign Services, Inc.” account.

5. Click on the Settings tab.

6. On the Settings page click Integrations.

7. Scroll down until you find the Trail Blazer option and then click [Connect].

8. Enter your Trail Blazer IQ workspace name and click Save.

9. If you were previously signed into your Trail Blazer IQ Workspace, you will come to a screen asking to confirm the connection process.  Click [Accept] to proceed.  If you weren’t signed in, you’ll be asked to enter your TBIQ credentials.  My example is below where I’m linking a “demo campaign” database.

10. When the connection is finalized, you’ll be brought back to your Anedot account where a screen will display a few different options.  If you’ve been collecting donations with Anedot before making this connection, you have the option to push unsent donations.  If not, you are all set with your connection process.  My final example is below.

11. You can now run a transaction through your Anedot hosted donation form to verify it’s processed in your Trail Blazer database.  The donations will show up in your Contribution list.  A Source attribute will be created that shows that these donation records are coming via Anedot.

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