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Created: August 03, 2019
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Remote Desktop (RDP) Interface

Trail BlazerRemote Desktop (RDP) Interface


Author: Piatt, Kevin

Last Updated: 2019-08-02




Learn to navigate in and out of our Remote Desktop (RDP) environment.




1. Introduction

2. Disconnect your RDP session

3. Log off your RDP session

4. End of the day best practices


1. Introduction


We have added a couple of shortcuts on the Remote Desktop (RDP) interface that should make ending your session a bit easier. Your desktop will now look like this:




2. Log off your RDP session


The log off option will completely end your Trail Blazer session and exit the RDP application. This is the most common way to close your RDP session. When choosing this option any applications that are still running on RDP are closed. We recommend that you save and close any records that you have open as well close Trail Blazer before using this option.


Please note that if you have not saved data the updates you have made could be lost.


When you are ready to log off your session, you will double click this icon:


You may need to minimize Trail Blazer to expose the icon on the RDP desktop.



3. Disconnect your RDP session


When you finish working in Trail Blazer for the day, you have two options for ending your work in RDP. The first option is to Disconnect.


The disconnect option will allow you to exit the session without closing down Trail Blazer. This is the ideal option if you are running a lengthy update to the database such as an import or update of new records. Disconnecting will allow Trail Blazer to continue running on our servers, but at the same time allows you to shut down your computer or device.


When you are ready to disconnect your session, you will double click this icon:


You may need to minimize Trail Blazer to expose the icon on the RDP desktop.



4. End of the day best practices


Unlike Trail Blazer access credentials, everyone that uses your database shares the same username and password for RDP. RDP makes it possible to disconnect from a session without shutting down any applications or services. When you disconnect from a session it is still running on Trail Blazer’s servers. The next time anyone logs in with the same RDP credentials that user will open the previous session.


The benefit is that you can close out of RDP, shut down your computer, do anything else you need to do, and come back later to restart your computer and get right back to where you were.


The downside is that the next person to login in using those credentials may be someone else with access to the database. If Trail Blazer was left open in the last disconnected session the next person to login would then be logged into Trail Blazer as the previous user. This could provide them greater access to Trail Blazer than they should have.


As a best practice we recommend that users always choose the log off operation at the end of the day. This reduces the likelihood of an RDP user obtaining access they would not otherwise have. Users should only opt for the disconnect option if it is necessary to keep Trail Blazer running, but at the same time they must shut down their computer or device.






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