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Created: February 16, 2017
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How to Flag an Address as No Longer Current (Former) in a Contact's Record Card

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2017-02-16


This article walks through the steps to flag an address as no longer current within a contact’s record card.  The address will still be retained it just won’t display when opening the record (by default) and it won’t display in the grid when running search queries. Become a master of address management in Trail Blazer by reading this in-depth tutorial.


Navigate to the Contacts (Voters/Donors) list.

Run a search for the contact you need to flag the address as no longer current for and click on their name to open the record card.  In my example I used Beverly Dorgan.

Navigate to the Address tab and click the red [x] under the address that you need to mark as no longer current.  In my example there was only one address present.

You’ll get a warning message with details on what’s about to happen.  If you’re 100% sure you need to flag this address as no longer current, click [OK]You can always reinstate the address in the future if need be.

The address will now be hidden by default when viewing this contact record.

If there’s another address present that’s their current address you’ll want to flag it as such or add their new address at this point if you have one.

To view the address you can uncheck the box for Current Addresses Only (which is always checked by default).

Click [Save and Close] in the bottom-right of the contact record card to finish.

Run a search for the person back in the Contacts (Voters/Donors) list to verify the address no longer displays in the grid.  If you marked a different address as their new default address, that address will display instead.

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