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Created: February 15, 2017
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How to Put your Database Merchant Gateway into 'TEST MODE' for Testing Donations, Selling Memberships, and Product Sales

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2017-02-15


This article walks through the steps to put your database merchant gateway into TEST MODE so that you can run test donations, memberships, and ticket/product sales with a fake credit card number to verify everything is in place i.e. auto-responder emails, redirect pages, email notifications, etc. Don’t have a merchant gateway setup yet with your Trail Blazer database?  Click here to view the full list of merchants that we integrate with.  Contact us if you have questions on which one will best suit your organizations needs and budget (1-866-909-8700).


Here’s an example of a donation page that’s currently active (no red warning at the top):

Here’s an example donation page in test mode (red warning text at the top):

To put your merchant gateway into test mode you’ll start by navigating Payment Gateway under the Application MenuThis requires security clearance.

Select the radio button for (No Gateway) Enable For Testing and then [Save and Close].

Navigate to Website Configuration under the Application Menu.

Click the blue link in the upper-right for ‘Click here to refresh your web pages using updated specifications’.

Click [OK] to proceed if you’re %100 sure you want to put your merchant gateway into test mode.

Click [OK] again once you’re prompted.

You can now run a test donation or membership/event purchase with a fake credit cardIn my example I ran a test donation as shown below.

Some of things you can verify through this process are:

- The redirect page

- Email notifications to your database users

- That the email auto-responder looks how you want

- That data posts your database correctly

- The auto-responder email and receipt are coming from the email address that you want

The example donation I did is below after it posted to the database:

Whether you tested a purchase on the event/membership system or a test donation you’ll likely want to purge the data afterwards:

- Delete a purchase order

- To delete a donation, open it and click the red [x] at the top (if using the nonprofit version) OR highlight the row within the contributor’s record card and click the [Delete] button (if using the political version)

Once you’ve thoroughly tested your transactions you can turn the merchant gateway back on in the Payment Gateway area.

Select your merchant option and save-and-close.

Navigate to Website Configuration and click the blue hyperlink in the top-right to refresh your settings.

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