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Created: February 08, 2013
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Why won't some of my records merge?

Duplicate records can occur in your database for several reasons:

  • Data from multiple sources imported.
  • Data imported from a single source that had not previously merged duplicate records.
  • Adding new records without first checking to see if a record already existed.
  • Minor variances in name or address for records added through the Trail Blazer iframes on your website.


Trail Blazer can merge records where the names and addresses match EXACTLY.  See for more information on merging.


If after running a merge by name and address you still have unmerged records, review the following items within the record:

  1. Addresses.  Look to see if one says Street and the other says St.  One says Avenue and the other says Ave.  These differences will prevent a merge.  You need to conform your addresses.  This is done from the File Menu of the Address list.

  2. Middle Names.  Are they different?  If so, they won't merge automatically.

  3. Birthdates. Sometimes everything can be identical only to realize there are different birthdates for the individuals.  It may be a Sr./Jr. situation or an error in the birthdays.

  4. SOS Voter Number - If the data came from a voter election board, it will contain a voter number.  If these are different, the records will not merge.








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