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Created: February 06, 2013
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Adding or Changing Districting Information Manually

Occassionally you will need to manually enter the districting information for a voter.  In Trail Blazer, we store that information on the ADDRESS record, NOT the voter record.  The following is an email conversation we had regarding this:

(Note, this does not work in ALL states)

From: Brian Hanf []
To: (Customer)
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 10:56 PM
Subject: RE: Importing District Information

He is not (was not) a registered voter (no id in the REG ID field).

I ran from the edit menu - "Set MN Registerd voter ID"

then ran from file menu - " Refresh Using Minnesota Registered Voter List"

work like a charm, all done.

  1. See if we can find the others that are not registered, in the reg voter list.  - Search for people in MN with blank (/b) Reg ID
  2. Set their ID, from edit menu - "Set MN Registerd voter ID"
  3. Search for people with MN and reg ID's
  4. Run from the file menu "Refresh Using Minnesota Registered Voter List"

From: Brian Hanf []
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 9:05 AM
To: (Customer)
Subject: RE: Importing District Information

Hi Brian: I just tried the procedure below for someone I just entered (voter name inserted here) and it didn’t work. Zero records it acted on.

Is there any way I can set the District information fields to be manually entered when this procedure does not work in the future.

Thanks, and hope all is well.



In this case there was a series of issues with this record.

(voter name) record had an address of 4000 88th Street West.  The SOS database has the address as 4000 88th St W.  So the streets didn’t match.

Also, (voter name) city is misspelled as Minneaoplis.  This causes a mismatch.

So what’s the fix?
1.    In this I opened the Addresses query panel.  Searched for this address and performed a Conform Addresses from the File menu.  This cleaned up the long Street and West.  
2.    I then opened this particular voter and corrected the spelling on city.
3.    From the Voters list with this voter displayed in the list, I Set MN Registered Voter ID from the Edit menu.
4.    From the File menu I selected Refresh Using Minnesota Registered Voter List.

In this case it still didn’t find the voter because she doesn’t happen to be in the MN SOS database.
To edit the districting information manually, open the address list and search for the address.  Open the address with a use count > 0 (if there is more than 1 similar address).


Open the address record.
Select the appropriate tab and complete the missing information.



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