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Created: May 11, 2018
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ICS Access Setup

[ICS Access is no longer available]



ICS Access payment gateway integration for donations and contribution.

Real time credit card processing is available in the Trail Blazer. Using the following instructions to configure your settings. If you don't have an account call Trail Blazer to assist you in getting one setup

To setup ICS Access in ClickCarts, follow these instructions.

1. Open Trail Blazer and login.

2. From the main menu click [Payment Gateways]. This will open the configuration window.

Select the ICS Access from the radio button list.

Fill in the required fields with the information provided by ICS Access (userid, storeid)

check [Enabled CreditCard test account], "For test purposes only, once your ready to take real order uncheck this box."

Note: URL For live transactions, Trail Blazer will use the default
and for test transactions,

Click [Save] to save your settings.

3. To test your current Gateway settings, after clicking [Save]. From the gateway configuration screen click [ Payment Gateway test... ].

NOTE: This will RUN BOTH a LIVE 'real' transaction and/or TEST transaction depending on if you have 'Enable Credit Card Test Account' checked or unchecked.


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