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Created: August 23, 2016
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How to Import a Google Web Font into your Trail Blazer Email Template

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2016-08-23


This article walks through the steps to import a Google Web font into your email template.  Test your email a lot on different clients and devices prior to sending because not all email clients support Google Fonts and you may not get the intended results you’re going after. If you have any trouble with this, call our live support 1-866-909-8700.  Also, watch this video for a quick tutorial on using the Trail Blazer email composer.


Open the email composer in your database (either by creating a mass email campaign or creating a single template).  In my example I created a new template from the Templates list.

Once the composer is open, click on the [Source] button in the upper-left.

Add style tags to the start of the email by typing in:



Here’s my example (I also added a table for a bit more structure for adding my content):

Next you’ll want to have a font in mind to use from Google Fonts (  In my example I will use the “Pacifico” font which I think it’s pretty great.

After you pick on out you’ll enter this code between the style tags you created, but replace ‘YOUR+GOOGLE+FONT+HERE’ with the name of the font you chose:

@import url(;

My example prior to inserting my font type:

Note: If your font is more than just one word e.g. Open Sans, you’ll need to add a + symbol where the space(s) would be.  For instance family=Open+Sans);

My finished example is below for the importing portion of this task, where I imported the Pacifico font type:

That finishes the import part, now you’ll need to add the font-family & style code into the different sections of your email where you want it to display i.e. Tables/Cells/Paragraphs/Etc.  In my example I added it to the only Table Cell I had in my template where all of my text will go.

The code you’ll use:

Style=”font-family: ‘YOUR GOOGLE FONT NAME HERE’;”

My finished example:

Once everything is in place, click on the [Source] button again to go back to the preview screen of the email composer.

My example is below with the Pacifico Google Font style in action.  Click [Save] if you’re happy with the results.

Finish composing your email, and then you can click the [Preview] button to see how the email will look (in email clients that support Google Web Fonts).

My finished example as view in IE:

Save and Close once you’re finished.  If you ever make a mistake and need to revert back to a previous version you can click the [Saved Copies] button at the top of the composer.

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