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Created: July 08, 2021
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Connecting your WinRed Merchant Gateway Account with your Trail Blazer Database

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2021-07-08


In 2020 we built an API integration with the WinRed payment processing platform.  This article walks through the steps to connect your Trail Blazer and WinRed accounts.  Once linked, the data collected through your WinRed donation page will automatically be collected into your database.  This in turn makes filing your FEC reports even easier.

Important: you will need to be logged in via to complete this process.  This will likely change in the future as they roll out a new version of their platform. as donations are processed they will automatically populate your Thank You List.  Read this article to learn how to easily send a batch thank-you letter to supporters.


Important: you must be an admin in your Trail Blazer & WinRed accounts to be able to complete this process.

1. Get signed up for a WinRed account:

2. Create a new user inside of your TB database.  Give the user the name “”.  Check the box for Allow Web-Based Profile Access.  Provide a username and password.  Save and close.  Example below.

3. Log into your Trail Blazer IQ account:

(you’ll need your workspace name – if you don’t know what it is, please contact our tech support team: 1-866-909-8700 or

This step is just to verify your Trail Blazer IQ login and workspace are working correctly.  Log out once verified.

Important: you will need to be logged in via to complete this process.  This will likely change in the future as they roll out a new version of their platform.

4. Log into your WinRed account and navigate to the Utilities > Integrations section.  Click the green [+] button.  This should provide a new login screen.  Use the credentials you created in the previous steps when you created a new user named “” in your database.  Then make sure to toggle the connection for Trailblz to ‘on’.

This should complete the connection.

5. Run a test donation through your WinRed contribution form.  Within a few seconds the record should populate the Contributions list inside your database.  Example:

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