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Created: August 24, 2017
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Query and Report for Monthly Recurring Donations - Nonprofit Only

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2017-08-24


This article walks through the steps to find recurring *donation* records in the Contributions List,and how to build a monthly donation report using the format and pivot tools to show what donors have given month-by-month.

As of the time this article was written there are two merchant gateways that you can use with Trail Blazer that support recurring credit card donations, they’re Authorize.Net and Vanco Services.

Example monthly recurring donation report: this article provides a variety of useful SQL queries you can utilize to filter your data.  Most of the examples in this SQL tutorial are requests that customers have had over the years, which require using the SQL tab.


Open the Contributions list.

Under the General tab click the Recurrence drop-down, select Monthly & Monthly / Sustaining, click [OK], and then click [Search] to populate the list with all the recurring monthly donations in your database.  In this example there were 222 monthly recurring monthly donations. you can filter this report further by things like date-range if necessary:

After generating the list of recurring donations, click the [Format] drop-down and select Columns…

Make sure that these columns are selected, and then click [OK]:

- First Name

- Last Name

- ContributionYearMonth

- DonorID (not show, but included by default)

- Amount

After the columns listed above are added to the grid, click the Pivot button.

Under the Row Label tab select Donor ID, First Name, and Last Name.

Under the Column Labels tab select Contribution Year Month.

Under the Data tab select Amount, and then click [OK] to generate the pivot report.

The report will display your recurring monthly *donors* with the total amount they’ve donated each monthMy finished example is below (only the first 15 months display in the screenshots as my report goes all the back to 2012 when my monthly recurring donations started).

You can export, print, and graph the pivot report using the buttons on the top tool strip.

Return back to the contribution list you built in the previous steps in order to save both the format and the search query for future use.

To save the search query as a favorite, expand the Advanced Functions tool strip, and click blue the [Save] button.

Create a descriptive name, and then click [Save]My example is below which I called “Recurring Monthly Donations”.

You can reload the saved search in the future under the Favorites tab.

To save the format click the [Format] drop-down > Save As…

Give the format a descriptive name and click [Save]In this example I called it “Ready for Pivot”.

You can reload the format in the future by clicking the [Format] drop-down > Select Saved…

Choose the format you previously saved, and click [Select and Close].

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