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Created: February 04, 2013
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Export Outlook Contacts

Export From Outlook

1.      From outlook, click [ File ] – [ Import and Export ].
2.      Select [ Export to a file ] click [ Next ]
3.      Select [ Microsoft Access ] click [ Next ]
4.      Find and Select your [ Contacts ] folder, click [ Next ]
5.      Save the file in a location and name it something you’ll remember.

Importing into Trail Blazer

1.      Logon trail blazer, click on the [ voters ] list.

2.      Click [ File ] – [ Import… ]

A) keep the faults on the top of this screen, click [ Data Source ]
browse to the file you saved from outlook.
B) click [Add Group] name it as “outlook1”, click [ Create ]
C) click [ Import ]

3.      From the next menu, select the “Contacts” table if it hasn’t been selected
Keep the default, “Do Not Allow Duplicates”.

4.      Under ‘Precision’ select [ Load All ] then click [ OK ].

5.      Many fields are already matched the columns from outlook for you. But go ahead and review them by scrolling through the questions and answers, FYI: questions=Outlook and answers=Trailblazer.  Change as needed.

6.      At this point go ahead and click [ Import ], this will import ALL the contacts that where exported.

7.      Once completed, go to the voters list click [ Groups ] click [ Source ] select “outlook1”, then click [ search ]. This will return your list of imported contacts from outlook.


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