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Created: February 01, 2013
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Events 2013 | How to Create an Event with Tickets and Merchandise


This article will teach you the process to create an event signup in Trail Blazer and how it will look on a website.  First it will display the online event directory and the registration process; second it will detail the steps to create that event in the Trail Blazer system.


12/20/12Upgrade to event system deployed – developed by Patrick Hanf.  Patrick programmed the forms utilizing HTML Flow allowing them to fit any sized screen from handheld mobile devices to desktop computers.

·     Products (formerly known as Marketing Notions) are now distinguished between Merchandise and Tickets.

    · Tickets can be Sold or Free.

    · Payments are now (optional) for an event.

    · Purchase orders and Grants can now be accepted as payments for an event.

    · The event card now contains separated purchase details on both merchandise and tickets.

    · There is now the ability to send automatic email responders for an event signup.

    · The ticket purchaser has the (option) to send digital tickets to designated email recipients during the purchase process.

    · There are a variety of new UI upgrades and enhancements.

Online Event Directory and Registration Process

Navigate to the URL where your event directory is located:

NOTE:  Site location now contains SSL security and must include “https” in the front of the URL.  VERY IMPORTANT when linking to these forms from your website.

In this example the location was

Image of online Event Directory:

Tap on an event name to begin registration.  In this example “2013 Gala Fundraiser” was selected as displayed in the image below.

This will open up the Event Card, in this example there were tickets and merchandise tied to the event. This is an optional feature controlled in Trail Blazer.  The Event Card is shown in two images below.

Push the [Order and Register] button to proceed.

After selecting some tickets and merchandise to purchase and pushing the [Order and Register] button you will be taken to a secure event registration page that also displays your Order Summary.  If you have registered for any other event(s) hosted by this organization you can click follow the “Click Here” link.  Otherwise, you will need to register.  In this example I chose to register as a new event attendee and purchase tickets on behalf of family and friends. This is displayed in 3 images below.