Memorial Day Weekend - Office Closure

by Joel Kristenson28. May 2021 14:36

Our office will be closed Monday (5/31) for Memorial Day.  Have a good weekend!


Notice of Security Updates to iFrame Forms - Check your Domains

by Joel Kristenson21. May 2021 09:16

Our engineers put out a security update for our integrated iFrames.  This update requires that we add your domain into the web configuration section of your database in order for the forms to render properly.  You shouldn't need to take any action as we've already made the updates for you, but it's worth checking your website(s) where you have any of our iFrame forms listed (donations, event directory, email signups, etc.).  If you notice that one isn't showing correctly, please email the link to our support team.


The "Art of Merging"

by Joel Kristenson12. May 2021 08:28

Learn how to merge duplicate contact records with drag-and-drop:


Reporting 101

by Joel Kristenson5. May 2021 09:29

Learn the ins-and-outs of reporting with this video playlist:


New Video Alert 📣

by Joel Kristenson6. April 2021 12:03

Learn how to identify all contacts in your database who have 'never' donated:
Watch Now:


Adding Attributes (Questions) to your Donation Form

by Joel Kristenson26. March 2021 12:34

Happy Friday everyone!

For today's tip we are talking about how to add attributes (questions) to your Trail Blazer donation form.  This can be very useful for asking any number of questions from your donors, such as:

- How did you hear about us
- What would you like to volunteer for
- What type of email correspondence do you wish to receive
- What program(s) are you interested in

It's pretty easy to set this up and modify it over time.  First, you'll create the attribute folder (question) and the attribute items (answers).  This article shows how.  Once the attribute folders are create, you'll need to right-click each one > select Properties > check the box for Display on Website.

You'll then go to System Manager > Settings > Website Configuration > Donations.  In the lower-right of the Donations tab you can select which attributes to display, ex:

You'll then click the blue link at the top to refresh your website settings.  Here's an example of the finished form:

As always, please don't hesitate to give us a call if you need a hand setting this up: 1-866-909-8700


Access you Search Favorites on Trail Blazer Basecamp

by Joel Kristenson16. March 2021 15:49

Today's Pro Tip: accessing your 'saved search queries' on the Trail Blazer Basecamp app.

First: save a search favorite in your database.

Second: download our free app on your iPhone and Android devices.

Third: log in and access the 'favorites' section on your phone or tablet (example below).


New Help Video: Geocoding Address Data for Mapping

by Joel Kristenson2. March 2021 10:16

Check out our new help video on how to geocode your address data in order to plot houses on a map 📍:


New Help Video: Configuring Email Notifications

by Joel Kristenson23. February 2021 11:29

Check out our latest help video to learn how to configure email notifications for online web occurrences:


Today's Tip: What To Do Before Householding

by Joel Kristenson10. February 2021 12:09

Householding your data is a very important piece in maintaining the relationships in your database.  There are a few steps involved to complete this process.  The video below walks through the preliminary steps to get your data in order, prior to running the household utility.  Watch now.


Building & Saving Formats

by Joel Kristenson25. January 2021 12:19

Learning how to built and save Formats in your database is a critical tool for reporting purposes. This article walks through the steps:


New Help Video: Set Date Range for Mail Merge Fields

by Joel Kristenson19. January 2021 08:15

Learn how to set the "date range" for merge fields


Updating Your Default Cycle / Calendar Year

by Joel Kristenson8. January 2021 15:25

It's that time of the year again where many organizations need to update the default cycle / calendar year in their database.  Here's how:


Kicking Off The New Year

by Joel Kristenson4. January 2021 14:24

Happy 2021!  You'll soon be receiving an email from us with a checklist of items that you may want to dig into for the coming year.  Here is the list if you would like to get a head start.

- all users have attended the free into training (register here)
- everyone has access to Trail Blazer on all devices (Mac, PC, tablets, and smart phones) (download center)
- integrate the Trail Blazer donation form directly with your website
- build an email template and send a mass email
- build a custom dashboard
- sell tickets and products with the event system
- schedule follow up training in any topic (free!)


Holiday Hours - Christmas & New Years

by Joel Kristenson21. December 2020 10:11

Our hours of operation for this week and next:
- closed Christmas Eve (afternoon)
- closed Christmas Day
- closed New Year's Eve (afternoon)
- closed New Year's Day

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season.


⍣ We Would Love Your Review! ⍣

by Joel Kristenson17. December 2020 08:29

It's been a couple of years since we've kicked off a reviews campaign with our customers.  Many of you have already taken the time to write reviews on some of our different online listings, and we greatly appreciate that!

You can expect to receive a few emails over the next week or so from the team at Gartner Digital Markets.  They will also be sending along an e-gift card for those that post reviews.  If you would like to get a head start, here are the pages we are requesting both our political and nonprofit customers to write a review on.  Thank You!

Capterra (Nonprofit):

Capterra (Political):

Software Advice (Nonprofit):

GetApp (Nonprofit):

GetApp (Political):


Time to Prepare for Year-End Tax Statements

by Joel Kristenson14. December 2020 15:26

For our nonprofit customers, it's time to start preparing your year-end tax statements.  Getting a head start with building your templates with the appropriate text, merge fields, and images, will save you a lot of time when the time comes to generate and mail the letters to your supporters.  These resources should help to get you from A to B, but please don't hesitate to contact our support team if you need a hand.
- Video:

- Article #1:
- Article #2:


Updating Your Address Records with an NCOA Refresh

by Joel Kristenson30. November 2020 09:09

We hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Today's tip: take advantage of our NCOA refresh services to get the most up-to-date address record for contacts in your database.  This can be done on your entire universe of contacts, or a specific segment.  Our Additional Services page details the cost:

To put in a request for this, please send an email to our Support Team:

We'll be able to provide you with a cost / time estimate, and an invoice.


Office Closed for Thanksgiving (11/26 & 11/27)

by Joel Kristenson19. November 2020 09:05

Our office will be closed next Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.
Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season.


October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month

by Joel Kristenson4. November 2020 16:09

In observance of National Cyber Security Month (October)

We wanted to provide our customers with some tips for securing your database.


Automate your Online Donations with Our Integrated Donation Form

by Joel Kristenson28. October 2020 12:22

If you aren't yet taking advantage of our integrated donation form, we would love to help you get it setup!  This form has many benefits:
- money is processed directly into your bank account
- the donor can stay on your website throughout the entire process
- the donor will receive a custom thank-you email
- the data will automatically be collected into your database

First, you'll need to activate a merchant gateway account that we integrate with:

Second, you'll need to generate the iFrame code and insert it into a donation landing page on your website.
- Video:
- Article:

Third, create a custom thank-you email responder:
- Video:
- Article:

Here's an example from our nonprofit demo site (feel free to test it with a fake credit card number):


Poll Watching Mobile App

by Joel Kristenson20. October 2020 11:25

The upcoming election is just a few short weeks away for many of our customers.  Take advantage of our mobile poll watching app to track who has voted:

This will allow you to pull up your different precincts:

Flag a voter as having voted:

And search for them in your database by the attribute that gets created:

Give us a call if you need a hand setting this up.


Geocoding and Mapping Your Address Data

by Joel Kristenson9. October 2020 09:21

Today's Tip (Additional Service): take advantage of our geocoding tools to map out segments of your database or your entire universe of constituent records.

1. From the Voters / Donors List, load the records that you want to geocode.

2. Select File > Reporting > Mapping - Select Addresses for Geocoding.

3. Select your accuracy preference and click [OK] (most customers opt for the more accurate option).  This will trigger an email to our support team to begin the geocoding process on the selected addresses.

4. You will be sent an invoice for the service, and a notification once complete (expect 1-2 business days).

5. Launch the Trail Blazer IQ mapping tool by following File > Reporting > Launch TrailBlazerIQ (mapping)...

6. You can then view your data on a map and perform a variety of tasks with it, such as drawing turfs around the selected points that you want to canvass, call, or send direct mail to.

Related video:

Give us a call for help: 1-866-909-8700

More Additional Services


The Colorado State Voter Database Has Been Updated

by Joel Kristenson2. October 2020 10:36

For customers located in Colorado: the state voter database has been updated.
Tutorial for importing from a state db:


Finding New Donors and Lapsed Donors

by Joel Kristenson24. September 2020 09:54

Today's tip: learn how to find New Donors This Year and Lapsed Donors.

New Donors This Year:

Who Gave Last Year But Not This Year:

Save the Search as a Favorite:


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