Office Closure for Good Friday

by Joel Kristenson14. April 2022 12:32

Our office will be closed tomorrow afternoon (4/15) for Good Friday.


Updated Help Video - Learn How to Write Contribution Thank You Letters

by Joel Kristenson13. April 2022 07:36

Mark has been hard at work updating our help videos on YouTube.  Check out the latest video on how to write contribution thank you letters

Tip: subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date as new videos are released.


New Help Video -- Learn How to Build Custom Search Queries

by Joel Kristenson16. March 2022 08:20

New help video -- learn how to utilize our powerful search engine to build custom queries:

You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay up-to-date on the latest videos that we publish:


Building a Default Format

by Joel Kristenson3. March 2022 08:16

Formatting (reporting) is one of the most important tools in your Trail Blazer CRM.  It allows you to quickly analyze data that is important to you.  We highly recommend reading through the article and watching the videos below, as they will show you how to save your own *default format* for future use.

Build and Save a Default Format:

Video Playlist - Reporting:

Please call our support team if you need a hand: 1-866-909-8700


Upgrading from Version 7 to Version 8

by Joel Kristenson7. February 2022 08:08

Important: if you haven't yet upgraded from version 7 to version 8, you'll want to do so soon.  There are many important bug fixes, performance enhancements, and software upgrades that are included in version 8.

To see what version you are on, look in the very upper-left of the application.  If it starts with a 7, you'll want to go through the steps in this video:


Year End Tax Season

by Joel Kristenson13. January 2022 10:50

For our nonprofit customers, it's that time of the year again.  The resources below will provide a nice refresher on how to create and send a year-end tax statement.


Two Tips: Cycle Updates & Microsoft Word Integration

by Joel Kristenson4. January 2022 13:48

Happy New Year!

Here are two quick tips:

- Many organizations will need to update your default calendar cycle in the database:

- We recently put out an integration with Microsoft Word for mail-merge purposes.  This video shows how it works:


Office Hours for Christmas and New Years

by Joel Kristenson13. December 2021 11:52

Our offices will be closed Friday afternoon (12/24) and all day Monday (12/27).  The same will be true for Friday afternoon (12/31) and Monday (all day) (1/3).


Wealth Screening with DonorSearch

by Joel Kristenson29. November 2021 09:41

We want to remind everyone about our latest software integration with DonorSearch.  "DonorSearch gives you actionable insights, giving history and wealth intelligence that connects more people to your cause."  Learn more here.

Special Trail Blazer Pricing:

How to link DonorSearch with your Trail Blazer account:


Office Hours for Thanksgiving

by Joel Kristenson19. November 2021 14:50

Our office will be closed next Thursday and Friday (the 25th & 26th).


Upgrade Trail Blazer Version 8

by Joel Kristenson25. October 2021 10:13

Trail Blazer version 8 is ready for download.  This version includes a variety of improvements & bug fixes.  Follow the instructions in this video to learn how:


Pro Tip: Custom Log Types

by Joel Kristenson20. October 2021 14:01

Log notes are used for a variety of important items in the database, such as tracking grants, phone calls, mailings, volunteer hours, and much more.  You can add your own custom log types into the drop-down by right-clicking on the drop-down and selecting Add New.  Here's an example:

KB tutorial:


Trail Blazer IQ Dashboards

by Joel Kristenson11. October 2021 10:26

Trail Blazer IQ provides a variety of useful dashboard reports for your team.  The example below allows you to toggle a donation comparison report to see if you've increased or decreased fundraising.

You can view this and more by logging into your workspace


DonorSearch Integration

by Joel Kristenson20. September 2021 09:15

We would like to remind everyone about our latest integration with DonorSearch.  DonorSearch provides a wealth of information to help with analyzing a donor or prospect's propensity to give.  The setup process is very easy, here's how:

We offer some special entry level pricing to test out this service:


Getting Familiar with Trail Blazer IQ

by Joel Kristenson8. September 2021 08:58

Over the last few years we've been working on a new web version of Trail Blazer called "Trail Blazer IQ".  We encourage you to begin using this tool.

To launch your "Workspace", open the desktop application and navigate to the "Voters / Donors" List > File > Reporting > Launch TrailBlazerIQ (mapping)...

You will then enter your login credentials, and you can begin testing this new product.

Tip: bookmark the Workspace URL and share it with the rest of your team.


Closed on Labor Day (Monday 9/6)

by Joel Kristenson3. September 2021 13:59

Our office will be closed on Labor Day (9/6).


New Mailing Address

by Joel Kristenson25. August 2021 14:30

We have a new mailing address: 5832 Lincoln Dr, Suite 149, Edina, MN 55436


New Feature Release! Integration with DonorSearch

by Joel Kristenson16. August 2021 11:28

We are excited to announce our newest feature: integration with DonorSearch.

DonorSearch is a valuable tool that allows you to perform wealth analysis on your donors and prospects.  You can learn more here:

Here's an example of how a "synced" profile could look on the Trail Blazer IQ web app:

If you already have an active DonorSearch account, you can begin using this today.  If not, you can explore our price options on our Additional Services page:

Here are the instructions for linking your two accounts


User Management Tips

by Joel Kristenson21. July 2021 10:11

Today's tip has to do with managing who has access to your database.  Each account comes with unlimited user access.  If you need to create new users, this article walks through the steps:

If you need to revoke a user's access, this article shows how:

All new users should attend our free orientation training:

And review our Getting Started video playlist:

Last but not least, these links can be shared with your team for logging in on a PC, Mac, Android device, iOS device, and our new Trail Blazer IQ web app:
- PC Download:
- Mac Access:
- Trail Blazer IQ web app:
- iOS Device:
- Android Device:

As always, please lean on our support team if you need a hand: 1-866-909-8700 &


We're Back Online

by Joel Kristenson15. July 2021 14:35

As many of you know, we experienced a variety of server issues this week.  This affected a multitude of features such as mass email, Trail Blazer IQ (web app), mobile canvassing, and more.  We believe that we have discovered the root of the problem.  At this point all systems are go.  If you we received an error when inserting an email template into a mass email campaign, you may need to restart TB for the issue to resolve.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.


Pivot / Summary Reports

by Joel Kristenson6. July 2021 09:33

Today's video tip: learn how to build pivot / summary reports.  Watch now:


Office Closure for July 4th

by Joel Kristenson29. June 2021 08:16

In celebration of Independence Day, our office will be closed next Monday (July 5th).


Adding Attributes (Checkboxes) to your Donation Form

by Joel Kristenson24. June 2021 09:02

Learn how to add checkboxes to your integrated donation form:

This can be useful for asking questions as people donate, such as:
- Do you want to volunteer?
- How did you hear about us?
- What programs are you interested in?

Here's an example form that demonstrates how this works:


Pro Tip: Cleaning Up Your Attribute Tree

by Joel Kristenson10. June 2021 11:49

Today's pro tip: getting your attribute tree in order.

Attributes are a foundational piece of the Trail Blazer CRM.  It's pretty easy that if they go unchecked for a long time, or there is staff turnover, that they can become unwieldy and less useful.  We suggest that your team gets together to review which attributes are being used, which can be removed or merged, and which news ones may need to be added.  This will make your workflow much smoother and affective when categorizing your constituent records.

How to Create Attribute Folders and Attribute Items (article):
Adding New Attributes (video):
How to Merge Attributes (article):
Deleting Attributes (video):


Upcoming Changes: Desktop Release and Trail Blazer IQ Update

by Joel Kristenson1. June 2021 09:55

We hope that everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend.  Now that we are back at our desks, here are some updates to be aware of that are on the near horizon:

  • A new version of the desktop application is on it's way!  Our developers have been hard at work over the last 12 months, and this new version will have many bug fixes and feature improvements.  Note: updating to this version will require that the current version of Trail Blazer be removed from your computer(s) and then you will need to install the new release.  We will send out a mass email notification when it's time to do this, and our support team will be ready to assist your users if need be.  Moving forward, you shouldn't need to go through these steps with future releases of our desktop application.

  • The next iteration of our web app (Trail Blazer IQ) is also getting close for release.  This version of Trail Blazer is still in its infancy, but our team is hard at work developing new features for this piece of our ecosystem.  One of the primary features in the next release will be an integration with DonorSearch.  This will allow you to perform wealth screening on donors and prospects.  This integration requires a subscription with DonorSearch (our pricing options are listed on our Additional Services page:



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